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Payment: 1 contributor’s copy and: $25 for original work, $12.50 for reprints.
Note: Reprints Welcome

Welcome to the newest, most innovative horror quarterly publication on the planet! Creepy Campfire Stories (for Grownups) began as a stand-alone anthology, launched on May 13, 2015. The response from horror writers across the globe was phenomenal. In less than four months, we received over 220 submissions from all over the globe, from the UK, including London, Ireland, Scotland & Wales; Italy; Belgrade, Serbia; Germany; Poland; Australia; New Zealand; The United States; and Canada! The quality of the stories streaming in was so exceptional that we were able to fill a full, 65,000 word anthology with absolutely amazing and high quality horror stories in less than two months! In fact, we had to close our submissions early, moving our end date back from September 13, to July 13!

Closing our anthology’s submissions so much earlier than originally planned, however, left many authors shut out. It soon became clear to us here at EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Publishing, that there were just far too many quality horror writers out there to fit into one single anthology. We next landed upon making the Creepy Campfire Stories (for Grownups) brand an annual publication, every Fall/October, but as submissions to our original anthology continued to stream in, and the quality of the stories continued to astound us, we quickly realized that even an annual publication still wouldn’t fully accommodate the high number of amazingly talented authors of horror/extreme horror that exist today. We wanted to be able to publish, PAY and showcase as many new, up-and-coming horror writers as possible, as well as provide a new publishing outlet to already established horror writers who were starved for new places to submit their ongoing hard work and talent.

That is when the idea for turning Creepy Campfire Stories (for Grownups) into a Quarterly Publication was born.

Creepy Campfire Stories (for Grownups) Quarterly Publication will be released four times a year, on January 20, April 20, July 20, and October 20. The publication will officially launch with issue #1 on January 20, 2016. The submissions period runs year-round, and is conducted through Submittable. The word count limit for the Quarterly is 1,500-6,000 (each Quarterly will range between 30,000-40,000 words total), Stories accepted into the Quarterly publication will be paid $25 per story. All accepted writers will also receive one free contributor’s copy of the Quarterly that features their story.

Creepy Campfire Stories (for Grownups) strives to be a beacon of hope and service to struggling horror writers across the globe. We accept stories from any country (but they must be in English). And now for our  submissions guidelines:

All stories must be submitted in English

12 pt. Times New Roman, DOUBLE SPACED

Must be a Word .doc or .docx file ONLY

We prefer NO HEADERS, including page numbers

Please set your auto indent to .2″ or higher, and no spaces between paragraphs

Word limit is 6,000 (hard), and minimum is 1,500

*Payment = $25 per story (reprints = $12.50) + one contributor’s copy

Please include a title page with pen name, story title, word count, contact e-mail and mailing address (for contributor’s copy)

*All authors published in the Creepy Campfire Quarterly will receive full contributor’s credit listing on Amazon, to facilitate links to author pages and publishing credit proofs.

*We ask for exclusive print and e-print rights to accepted stories for 6 months, beginning from publication date of the Quarterly edition your story appears in.

*We prefer original, previously unpublished works. However, reprints can be submitted. If a reprint is accepted for publication in the Quarterly, authors must sign an additional contract stating that the rights to their story have reverted and belong to them. *Reprints will be paid at a half-rate of $12.50.

Profanity allowed? –Of course, it’s a horror publication! Just try not to swear simply for profanity’s sake. Make sure ALL language is fully relevant to the character or tone of the story.

Sexual content allowed? –Of course! Just make certain it belongs in the story. We prefer the super-graphic descriptions be saved for the bloody parts of the story.

Is Gore allowed? –Seriously? You asked us THAT?! Leave this website now. It’s a HORROR publication!

Multiple subs allowed? -Yes, but try not to send in too many at once. Remember, each story will be read in its entirety. The more stories we get, the longer the response time grows.

Simultaneous subs allowed? –Yes. If we accept your story, however, it falls upon you to withdraw your story from all other submissions portals, and properly notify other publishers.

ALL horror is welcome, including ALL sub-genres (science fiction, speculative, magical, fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, psychological, historical, Urban Legend, Original Creepy Pasta, mystical, Occult and extreme). All stories submitted must be original and previously unpublished. *We will accept reprints, but if accepted, author must sign a contract stating that the reprinted story’s copyright belongs to them.

What we don’t want:

NO YA. Remember, this Quarterly is subtitled (for Grownups).

NO straight-up comedy. Levity is great, but we don’t want any full-tilt horror comedy, we want serious stories, designed to frighten, disturb, shock, or otherwise entertain readers.

We generally don’t censor, but we will most probably reject your story if it contains: animal torture or abuse/excessive suffering of animals/pets; graphic descriptions of incest/rape/child molestation/abuse/graphic depictions of pedophilia; racially or sexually offensive, or obviously prejudiced language or tone. We want horror, not ugly bullshit.

Questions? Shoot an e-mail to our owner and Senior Editor, Ms. Jennifer Word at [email protected]

Submittable link and submissions for the Quarterly Publication will open on July 13, 2015.

via: EMP Publishing.

Kerry Lipp

Kerry G.S. Lipp is a wannabe writer working hard to drop the wanna be part. He teaches English at a community college by evening and works as a civilian on a military base by night, and usually sleeps during the day. He's not a big fan of the sun. His stories are currently available in the anthologies Lucha Gore and Under The Knife and several more will follow in 2013. His parents have started reading his stories and it appears that he is now out of the will. Follow him on Twitter @kerrylipp. You can read his short 'Smoke' at SNM Magazine.

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