CLOSED: Pulpcore

This website no longer has an open submissions page.


pulpcore is a webzine for short genre fiction translated from English to German.

Our goal is to promote fresh and bold voices from the trenches of self-publishing and the small presses to a thrill-seeking German readership.

If you are a writer of ballsy crime, horror, mystery, noir, sci-fi or weird fiction, then by all means submit your short story (2000-6000 words) to pulpcore now!

Send your story to [email protected]. Attach your story as a .doc file to the email, include a link to your website in the email body and wait for us to get back to you.

Every published story will be rewarded with a one-off payment of $20 (via PayPal).

Please note that you do not give up any rights to your original work. You only allow us to translate your story to German and publish the translation here on pulpcore.

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