CLOSED: Automata Review

This website no longer is online.

Payment: $25

We are currently accepting fiction.

We’re interested in stories that explore new spaces: spaces between genres, spaces between styles, spaces between “literary” fiction and “genre” fiction. Above all else, we’re interested in strong writing, captivating characters, and unusual stories. For a few examples of what we like, check out this link.

Please only submit original, previously unpublished work. Submissions should be no more than 6,000 words. Please double-space your work, format it as 12 pt. Times New Roman, and send it in .doc or .docx format. Also, please include your name and contact information at the top of your document.

If your work falls outside these guidelines, but you think we would find it compelling, please send a query with a short description of your work.

We pay $25 per published story.

Send submissions and queries to: [email protected]

Via: Automata Review.

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