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Payment: $1.50


Each issue features both new and established writers. We accept all kinds of horror fiction and nonfiction under 4,000 words. We also accept dark verse (poetry). We aim to frighten our readers. All submissions ought to focus on terrorizing the reader.

It’s still free to submit!

Many excellent journals charge fees for either online or offline submissions (or both). We all understand those funds are needed to send contributors a copy, or otherwise generate income. More than 70% of journals today do not pay anything. These types of practices are understandable, but frustrating to writers.Fortunately, at Jitter Press general submissions are still free.

Publication Rewards

All journals have some financial strategy to stay afloat, and those decisions are often difficult trade-offs.
What are our trade-offs?Pros:

  • We don’t require writers to pay anything to submit.
  • We are in the minority of journals that DO pay cash (via PayPal because it’s easy and convenient).
  • Along with publication, all poets receive a 1 Year Subscription to Jitter online ($20 Value).Cons:
  • We cannot afford to send free paperback copies.
  • Token payments are small.

    Submission Terms

    By submitting, you are acknowledging these terms.

    1. By submitting, you are asserting your work is available to print and has not been previously printed elsewhere. You maintain all future-use rights to your work.

    2. You affirm your submission is your own creation and no part of your submission is in the public domain.

    3. You may submit up to 5 times each month. (Please separate your submissions.)

    4. You may withdraw any submission prior to acceptance by logging into the submission manager. Once accepted, you will need to contact us to withdraw a submission.


  • We do not charge you to submit your work.
  • Being gross is not the same as being horrifying. We aim to frighten readers, not gross them out.
  • We do not charge a reading fee for general submissions.
  • We prefer you limit your submissions to 5 per month.
  • Remember to separate your submissions.
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine.
  • One token payment allowed per issue.
  • Token payments are currently $1.50 for everyone, and $10.00 for submissions marked as “Editor’s Choice.”
  • Cash payments are paid by PayPal to any address you designate.
  • Subscriptions to Jitter Press online are awarded after publication.


We prefer submissions using our submission manager. However, we still accept submissions by mail.

To submit by mail, follow these directions:
* Include up to 5 poems on separate sheets without contact info.
* Long poems on multiple sheets should be collated and stapled together.
* Include your contact info on a cover page with a list of poems and your bio.
* Include a SASE for notices – or your email address.
* Submissions will not be returned without sufficient postage.

Mail to:
Prolific Press Inc.
Jitter Press Editor
P.O. Box 113
Harborton, VA 23389


Via: Jitter Press.

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