October 2022: Tarot Cards for Writing Inspiration

The spooky season is finally here! For this month’s reading, I thought I’d draw in some furry magic—and what better way to do that than use the Fantasy Cats Oracle deck by Paolo Barbieri? Perhaps you may even uncover the long-held secrets behind the legendary feline mystique! At the very least, you’ll sniff out some tasty inspiration for your next furry-themed literary work. Here’s hoping you have a lucky black cat cross your path!

Photo courtesy of Canva.com

Character: 9 Meeting. This cat is friends with everyone they encounter, and yet they belong to no-one. While this adventurous cat treasures the experiences they gain from the others they meet, they consider those connections as a means to increase their personal growth and a way to expand their life’s journey. Any companion that crosses this cat’s path is simply a stepping stone to a higher state of consciousness. And this quixotic cat has a lot of growing to do! This cat may display an abundance of enthusiasm, of eager naivety that sends them chasing after the next vibrant butterfly that attracts their fickle attention. They may find themselves in some risky situations because of their questing nature, but, as is sometimes attributed to cats (not actually true!), they will always land on their feet.

Setting: Spring, the fresh yearning of the morning. The world that this trusting young cat moves through is reflective of their own innocent nature. Everything is bright, beautiful, and full of promise. It’s a setting that not only nurtures and sustains, it encourages everyone that moves through this vibrant world to freely blossom and to explore without fear. Love is plentiful, as is food, and there’s always someone to play with! For the cat that has never known hardship and pain, they are secure and confident as they move through this nurturing and supportive environment.

Conflict: 5 Hiding and Attitude, Desiring Balance. As idyllic as this world is for this cat and all of their feline brethren, it’s inevitable that discord and chaos threaten to throw this world out of balance. Perhaps a strange new cat arrives, and they want to set themselves up as an alpha over the other cats. This dominant cat may demand that the cats show loyalty to them, and those that don’t are ostracized. Our young cat may not understand the new dynamic and may find themselves retreating and/or hiding from the alpha cat’s strict doctrines and even stricter punishments for infractions of said doctrines. This skittish cat may retreat because their once-balanced and sunny world is now confusing, threatening, and even dangerous, especially after nightfall. Evil in the form of the alpha’s guards and spies now lurk in the shadows that used to be perfect for a playful game of cat-and-mouse.

Development and Climax: 6 Ruling and 3 Dreaming. Our main protagonist cat has a difficult choice to make. Do they adapt to this frightening new world in order to preserve all nine of their lives? Or do they join the rebels that are seemingly fighting a lost cause to restore the old world? Which is their true cat nature; to change their spots in order to survive, or to stand their ground on all four paws, and fight for their territory? In order to decide, our main cat character may be hiding not only in actuality, but in spirit as well—retreating into the mysterious inner world of a cat’s mind, and of its dreams, for guidance. Can our sweet and playful cat gain the power from the feline dream subconscious to take on the controlling alpha and their equally aggressive followers?


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