November 2021: Tarot Cards for Writing–Scratch That–Author Inspiration

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Some of you may be gearing up for NaNoWriMo, others may be wrapping up your final drafts before publication, or planning out your writing goals for next year. And some may even be taking a rest-and-recharge sabbatical before the end of the year, or between seasonal cycles. I thought, then, I’d shift the tone of the reading for this month. Instead of a spread that serves as writerly inspiration, I’d thought I’d draw cards on behalf of writers themselves; writers, even us horror/dark fiction writers, could use a boost, I think.


So, I hope you enjoy November’s tarot card reading. Enjoy the fruits of your creative harvest!


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Ace of Rods: This card is a reminder to not only be mindful of growth and accepting of new opportunities, but to also maintain the fire that feeds your forward momentum. Fire warms and nurtures, and in return, it must be fed. While the fire that is reflected in this card is symbolic, the fire energy within oneself is not. It’s not just about the obvious—healthy food choices, exercise, proper sleep—it’s equally important to take the time out to cultivate awareness, to observe subtle changes that are transforming yourself, and to effectively act on the changes for not only your own wellbeing but the wellbeing of the world that surrounds you. It’s as simple as being still, as easy as listening; as sensing things rather than analyzing them. Only through these practices can you best benefit from the exciting opportunities headed your way.


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Strength: This card isn’t necessarily about physical strength, but strength of character and beliefs. Belief in a cause, belief in something higher than yourself. It’s not the false sensation of strength that comes from domination, from control, from hate, but from an inner power. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities and talents. Putting something creative and true out into the world is not a weakness, it’s a manifestation of love for yourself, and the world you wish to see evolve. Love is not a weakness, yet it is sometimes the hardest thing to accept and cultivate. Think of love as a state of peace and calm, rather than something that has to be earned, or deserved.


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Two of Pentacles: The Two of Pentacles claims that we need to have balance in order to avoid feelings of stress, unfulfillment, dissatisfaction. I interpret this a little differently, in this day and age of climate change. I think things have been out of balance so long, that we need to shift the balance more on the side of those that the previous imbalance has stripped of essential needs. Animals, trees, and plants are losing their habitats; not only that, they are losing their right to live by way of pollution and widespread extinction. I think it’s time for the human race to curtail their activities, their habitats, and their lifestyles so that non-human lifeforms can once again match the human population, if not actually outnumber us. Let’s write the stories, in whatever genre (speculative fiction, horror, creative nonfiction, nonfiction), that make this future actually possible.


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Six of Swords: The pathway out of the trauma and turmoil of the past few years will not be easy. We will need more than hope, we will need action, vision, dreams. And, yes, creativity. Just by imagining a myriad of different worlds, we explore future possibilities. We can dream, and then we can create plans to make those dreams a reality. Take this card’s advice, and set out on the journey it recommends, no matter how difficult it might be to change not only the world, but ourselves.



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