New Zealand’s Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2020 Finalists Announced!

Sir Julius Vogel Award Finalists 2021

Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand  (SFFANZ) is a top award for science fiction, fantasy and horror writers from New Zealand or those living in that country.

A few weeks back, we included an article on these awards and shared its longlist. Since then, the finalists have been announced and we are delighted to share these names and works with you. Go here to see if you are able to vote.

Voting closes on May 31st.

Best Novel

Gad’s Army by Drew Bryenton, pub. Sci Fi Café. Oxford Books, Barnes and Noble, Amazon

The Stone Wētā by Octavia Cade, pub. Paper Road Press. Ebook, Paperback

Transference by B.T. Keaton, pub. Ingleside Avenue Press. Amazon, Unity Books, Book Depository

The Court of Mortals by A.J. Lancaster, pub. Camberion Press

Blood of the Sun by Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray, pub. Raw Dog Screaming Press. (Raw Dog Screaming Press)

Best Youth Novel

Earthcore Book 4: High Tide by Grace Bridges. (Splashdown Books), Amazon

These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong. Pub. Simon and Schuster

Golden City by S.R. Manssen, pub. Manssen Publishing House

Follow Me In by Terri Sinclair. Kindle, Paperback

Brasswitch and Bot by Gareth Ward, pub Walker Books Australia. Purchase

Best Novella/Novelette

Hexes and Vexes by Nova Blake, pub. Witchy Fiction NZ

How to Get a Girlfriend (When you’re a Terrifying Monster) by Marie Cardno. Purchase

No Man’s Land by A.J. Fitzwater, pub. Paper Road Press. Ebook, Paperback

Marbles by Sean Monaghan. Asimov’s Science Fiction, July/August 2020

Riverwitch by Rem Wigmore, pub. Witchy Fiction

Best Short Story

Salt Water, Rose Red by E. Celeste, pub. (Dually Noted F(r)iction Log)

Synaesthete by Melanie Harding-Shaw, pub. Things in the Well

For Want of Human Parts by Casey Lucas, pub. Diabolical Plots

The Good Wife by Lee Murray, pub. Weird Tales, Issue 364

Arachne’s Web by James Rowland, pub. Aurealis Issue #132

Best Collected Work

The Voyages of Cinrak the Dapper by A.J. Fitzwater, pub. Queen of Swords Press. Buy here.

Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy Volume 2 edited by Marie Hodgkinson, pub. Paper Road Press. Ebook, Paperback

Ghost Bus – Tales from Wellington’s Dark Side by Anna Kirtlan. Buy here.

The Better Sister and Other Stories by Piper Mejia, pub. Breach

Grotesque: Monster Stories by Lee Murray, pub. Things in the Well.

Best Professional Artwork

Cover art for “No Man’s Land” by A.J. Fitzwater – Laya Rose, pub. Paper Road Press

Cover art for for “Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction and Fantasy Volume 2” , edited by Marie Hodgkinson – Laya Rose, pub. Paper Road Press

Cover art for “The Chaos Curse”, by Sayantani DasGupta – Vivienne To, pub. Scholastic

Cover art for “The Stone Wētā” by Octavia Cade – Emma Weakley, pub. Paper Road Press

Best Professional Production/Publication

This is Not the End (chapters 1.5-2.10) by Deanna Gunn Website

Masterpiece (Or Artful Dodgers) – Michelle Kan

Fantastical Worlds and Futures at the World’s Edge: A History of New Zealand Science Fiction and Fantasy, Simon Litten and Sean McMullen, Aurealis Issue 132

How New Zealand’s Best Fantasy and Science Fiction Authors got Shafted on a Global Stage, Casey Lucas, pub. (The Spinoff)

Wonderland Nights: White Rabbit’s Diary, Sky Bear Games, Steam.

Aotearoa is Not Middle Earth, Alexander Stronach, (The Spinoff)

Fan Categories

Ministry for Public Art fan art – Shaun Garea

Oriental Bay Piranhas – Shaun Garea

Destiny & dead people tea – Michelle Kan

Faerie Ring (critical role) – Michelle Kan

Blue and Red (This is How You Lose the Time War) – Laya Rose

Gyre from The Luminous Dead – Laya Rose

Best Fan Production/Publication

Codex – Stephen Brough (Lost Arcana)

FIYAHCON Guest of Honour Speech – Cassie Hart

Mollymauk Tealeaf – Court of Jesters (showcase) – Michelle Kan

Phoenixine – Edited by John and Jo Toon

Dramatic Chairing of the 2020 WSFS Business meeting  – Darusha Wehm

CoNZealand Souvenir book – Darusha Wehm and Amber Carter

Best Fan Writing

Alone Together at the Edge of the World – Andi C. Buchanan (CoNZealand Souvenir Book)

Queer Speculative Aotearoa New Zealand – A.J. Fitzwater, (LGBTQ Reads)

Review of Hello Strange – Dylan Howell , (My Opinion on Books)

SITREP – Alex Lindsay, (Phoenixine)

What If – Kyra Saywell, (Poetry Box)

An exploration of menstruation in horror and dark fiction – Tabatha Wood (

Special Awards

New Talent

Chloe Gong

Deanna Gunn

Kate Haley

B.T. Keaton

A.J. Lancaster

Deborah Makarios

Services to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Lee Murray

Cassie Hart

Services to Fandom

Nigel Rowe et al

CoNZealand Crew

Check out the site and if you’re able to vote – do it!

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