Epeolatry Book Review: Nightfall and Other Dangers by Jacob Steven Mohr


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Title: Nightfall and Other Dangers
Authors: Jacob Steven Mohr
Publisher: JournalStone
Genre: Horror
Release Date: 7th April, 2023
Synopsis: A flyboy volunteers for a suicide mission with a copilot from beyond the stars. A painter’s body is possessed by a malevolent force to render a likeness of its hellish beloved. Hundreds of adults mysteriously drown themselves along a one-mile stretch of beach. Two bandits mistakenly steal a severed head-and inherit a nightmare.

These and more are the narratives within Nightfall & Other Dangers: stories of ecstasy and terror, memory and madness. Quietly apocalyptic, intimately brutal, and above all else devilishly frightening, this is the beginning of the Nightfall, from which there is no reprieve of dawn.

Short story collections are often the overlooked gem of the book world, with readers preferring novels or novelettes to whisk them away from reality. Short stories need to cram more action, more emotion, and more story telling into a shorter word count, and this often makes a reader think the story quality is not there, or a tad lackluster in comparison to its wordier competitors. This is not the case with Nightfall and Other Dangers by Jacob Steven Mohr. Mohr has poured so much story, so much imagination, and so much horror into this collection of fifteen short stories, that if a reader were looking to start their short story journey with one collection, this would be it. 

Nightfall and Other Dangers starts with a helluva bang and doesn’t let up until the very last page. The introduction by Jon Richter gives a glowing review of its author and contents, and rightfully so. Mohr has spoilt his reader with a treasure trove of horror, emotion, and fear and it is hard to pick a favorite, but some highlights include: ‘She’s New in Town’ a brilliantly written short about a new girl in town; ‘Red Meat’ a fun tale about the joys of aging and the gruesome lengths one lady will go to avoid it; ‘The Machete at the End of the World’ which delves a reader deep in the unsettling mind of a killer. ‘Summer Song’ is an absolute standout, a truly horrific, yet captivating, tale of young love and an island getaway that will haunt you long after you’ve finished reading – this story is nothing short of brilliant. Mohr wraps things up with a note about each tale and this in itself is a great read. It’s always fascinating to know the author’s inspiration and how each came to be.

Mohr’s writing is beautifully precise and descriptive, the flow effortless, and his narratives horrific and breathtaking all at once. He has created horror filled worlds for his reader to get lost in, and get lost you will for this book is such an immersing read, you will be hard pressed not to finish the collection in one sitting. A fantastic addition to one’s horror library and an even better introduction to short story collections for those looking to dip their toe in this wickedly fun pool.


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