Epeolatry Book Review: Cats of the Pacific Northwest by Joe Donley


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Title: Cats of the Pacific Northwest
Author: Joe Donley
Illustrator: Leo Corbett
Genre: Horror/Supernatural Thriller
Publisher: Dark Forest Press
Release Date: 20th July, 2021

Synopsis: David, an unsure young man, is trying to figure out how to be a “man” in the modern age. Well, at least what his girlfriend, Emma, expects of him. When she suggests a backpacking trip out on the Olympic Peninsula, he jumps at the opportunity to demonstrate his worth. But, once they get out into the wilderness, they are quickly lost. Now they are out of food and beginning to starve, when a strange couple of cats cross their path.

This succinct tale, about 49 pages of story, gets to the point without fluff and introspection. There’s no room for confusion, and I read it in about a half hour. Donley gives his readers a straightforward, relatable situation—getting lost in the woods. It happened to me not too long ago, and I remember fighting the urge to panic. I was only lost for a few hours—Donley’s characters are lost for days, so expect an unreliable narration. 

Leo Corbett’s illustrations help bring the tale to life. I stared at the pictures, nodding, admiring the show. They were an unexpected, yet pleasant surprise for me. And I found myself wondering why more authors don’t do this. Maybe they want the reader to use their own imagination, but I like the idea and might do this in one of my next stories! 

Rich with detail, the setting provides a gothic quality intermingled with a surreal appearance from not-so-friendly felines. Weird and creepy, this is exactly what you might want to take with you on your next fireside sitting to read aloud for fun and squeals.

 out of 5 ravens.

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