Epeolatry Book Review: Air Book 2 By G. Willow Wilson


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Title: Air: Book 2
Authors: G. Willow Wilson
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Genre: Graphic Novel
Release Date: March, 7th, 2023
Synopsis: Acrophobic flight attendant Blythe has left her safe, sterile life for a world of strange danger, taken under the wing of none other than Amelia Earhart herself. How did Amelia survive? What is the centuries-old secret enabling her to travel the unknown, using only dreams for fuel? And what is her real agenda? 

This is a very intriguing graphic novel, which, while clearly part of a greater whole, can be enjoyed without having read Book 1.

We see Blythe travelling around the world in a mysterious flying ship. On said ship, there are a host of characters, including Amelia Earhart and Blythe’s love interest, Zayn, a young man who may or may not have originally attempted a terrorist attack on Blythe’s aeroplane back when she was a flight attendant.

In other hands, Wilson might have clunkily portrayed Zayn; here, though, he has authenticity, especially in the flashbacks to his early life. I grew up in the Arab world, and I found these scenes evocative and sympathetically told – so much that I could, in all seriousness, smell and hear the portrayals.

Even more remarkable? When you remember that Air was written and published in the ’00s.

Perker is from Turkey, and Wilson spent time in Egypt, and it shows. This is not exoticism, and it’s far from the thinly-veiled Islamophobia often seen in the media of the time.

Back to the story: Blythe and her friends travel effectively by map, relying on the power of symbols older than humanity.

Clearly, the author holds back answers to what is really going on for later volumes. Though I strongly suspect that this particular installment will make more sense in subsequent re-reads.

Originally published by Vertigo, it’s rather fabulous that Dark Horse Comics brought this series to the attention of a new generation, particularly given the amazing success of Wilson’s Ms. Marvel.

I thought I had paid attention to comics within the era of this book’s release, but I completely missed it. So, this is a welcome re-printing, and I’m delighted to have come across Blythe and chums.

The press release includes enthusiastic words from Neil Gaiman, and I have to say that if you like Gaiman, chances are you’ll enjoy this. Similarly, fans of Grant Morrison and Alan Moore will find much to like.


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