Authors, we’ve got the latest paying markets for your speculative fiction for the week ending August 26th, 2022

Hello to all of our #author and #writer friends!

August is coming to a close and that just means we’re starting to enter Spooky Season (or the months of Halloween!) Today, we have another great listing of paying markets to share with you!

This week, anyone submitting to Trembling With Fear will see a couple changes to the contract. We’ve worked to both make it more inclusive and updated the contract so that to reflects our new editor!

As mentioned last week, some of our articles are now being syndicated by Microsoft Start. Please toss us a follow! –

You can watch our coverage and favorite listings below!

#Authors, we've got the latest paying markets for your speculative fiction at Horror Tree

As for this week’s calls? We have the following to enjoy!

Hiraeth Publishing’s Cosmic Crime Stories

Rhonda Parrish – Women and the Sea

Sliced up Press – Sand, Salt, Blood Anthology

Manawaker Studio – Project Briar Rose

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