Author: Jennifer Griffin

WIHM 2023: An Interview With Thana Niveau

Thana Niveau is a British author known for her short story collections “Octoberland” and “From Hell to Eternity” as well as her novel “The House of Frozen Screams.” Her short stories have appeared in several of the Mammoth Books anthologies as well. Thana has always had a thing for the dark side. Not only in her writings but in her real life as well, being married to fellow horror author John Llewellyn Probert and living in a wonderful gothic mansion complete with a huge library and many curiosities sprinkled throughout.

Jen Griffin: First of all, thank you so much for the interview! I love your book “House of Frozen Screams.” It was hard to put down… especially after nightfall!


Dark Horse Expands Partnership With Penguin Random House Publisher

Dark Horse Comics, known for their comics, graphic novels, and mangas with such titles as Mazebook, OutlanderArmy of Darkness, and The Thing, has expanded its partnership with Penguin Random House Publisher to distribute Dark Horse’s newly published and back list comic book periodicals, graphic novels and manga to the Direct Market comic shops. This is a multi-year agreement that will begin June 1, 2023. This will be an expansion of the current collaboration of the distribution of Dark Horse’s front list and backlist to bookstores.  “It’s an exciting time for the industry, and our move to Penguin Random House for Direct Market Distribution comes after our successful partnership in bookstore distribution. Random House will help us expand our reach to retailers and fans around the globe,” shared Dark Horse Founder and CEO Mike Richardson.


WIHM 2022: The Haunted Shirley Jackson

The Haunted Shirley Jackson

When I told my husband about this article he said, “Who’s Shirley Jackson?” I mentioned a few titles and he remembered her work. But he has a legit question. Who was Shirley Jackson? So many writers cite her as an inspiration. Who was the woman behind the words?

Shirley Jackson led a complex- some would say chaotic- life. Born December 14th, 1916 she was anything but conventional. Even her birth (a little over 9 months after her parents married) was borderline. Her parents hoped that their daughter would learn to think and behave the correct way, say the correct words. She did none of these things.

WIHM 2022: Anne Rice: A Life That Gave Us The Beauty Of The Night.

   Anne Rice burst onto the scene with her cult classic “Interview With a Vampire” in 1976.  It was the loss of her daughter Michelle that spurred her on to expand a short story into the gothic horror masterpiece we have today.  That novel turned all our preconceived notions of vampires on their heads.  After that success, she continued not only the Vampire Chronicles but also wrote about mummies (The Mummy Or Rameses the Damned which her son Christopher collaborated with her on the second and third novels in the trilogy), Jesus, angels, historical fiction, and even werewolves.   This doesn’t include her foray into erotic novels which are made up with the same lush details that she is known for in her other novels.


Get Ready For TORCon 2021!

Want to stay at home and still rub elbows with your favorite authors from TOR? You got it! TOR has announced it’s second annual virtual convention! It will last four days, June 10-13 and the panels will be amazing! With three panels scheduled each day there will be enough time to tune in and still get laundry done!

Thursday night starts the program out at 7pm with best selling author and screenwriter Gillian Flynn and award winning novelist Catriona Ward in conversation co-hosted by Den of Geek.

Epeolatry Book Review: The Guide of All Guides by Angelique Fawns


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Title:The Guide of all Guides
Author: Angelique Fawns
Genre: Nonfiction
Publisher: Angelique Fawns
Release Date: 8th Jan, 2021

Synopsis: Acclaimed as one of the most original voices in modern literature, a winner of the World Fantasy Award for lifetime achievement, Raphael Aloysius Lafferty (1914-2002) was an American original, a teller of acute, indescribably loopy tall tales whose work has been compared to that of Avram Davidson, Flannery O’Connor, Flann O’Brien, and Gene Wolfe.

This ultimate guide answers all your questions.
Which magazines, ezines, and podcasts pay the most?
What are the editors looking for?
How long do I have to wait to hear back?
What sort of rejection letter will I receive?
Easy to use and organized in order of who pays the most, find out which magazines, ezines and podcasts are buying in today’s market.

Angelique Fawns has submitted, been accepted and rejected by many horror, sci-fi and fantasy editors over the years. 500 rejections. But 30 of her pieces have found homes. She puts that knowledge to our use in her book. Not only does she share places that she has submitted to but she also shared possible venues for the writer that she hasn’t. The venues she has submitted to she shared her experiences with them. But with all the entries she gives a complete and concise listing of what the editor and publication are looking for as well as what the writer can expect in return. That isn’t just monetary return either. This included response time as well as if the editor gives helpful suggests versus sending a form letter rejection.

The entries are complete and concise. The digital copy includes a direct link to the site being discussed so if you feel that your piece is a fit for that magazine you don’t have to do a cute and paste into your search engine. Fawns has done an excellent job of pooling her resources to share.

In the preface she lays out what the reader/writer can expect from her book. From there on it is up to the reader/writer to pick and chose what to read. She has listed the top paying markets (as of the writing) as well as suggestions about the best way to go about submitted your work to each venue.

My only complaint is purely aesthetic. I have my copy on my Kindle and since I read mostly in bed with it my Kindle is set up in dark mode (black background with white type). In that mode the links and table of contents are barely readable as they show up in a red font. However if I change back to traditional background (white with black type) everything shows up perfectly. All in all it is a well written and researched book. I highly recommend it!

Available from  Amazon.

Publisher’s Weekly Is Hosting A Virtual Book Fair In 2021!

Though the pandemic seemingly rages on Publisher’s Weekly has given some hope and light to writers and readers alike. Publisher’s Weekly has announced that they will be hosting a new American trade fair May 26th -28th. How so? It will be run virtually. The U.S. Book Show will be limited to 5 hours a day to help with possible internet connection issues as well as time constraints since this will be available worldwide.

There will be exhibitors, presentations, and networking just like at the live event. Prices start at $35 (with a $3.77 fee) for librarians and booksellers, the Early Bird pricing is $89 (plus a $7.05 fee) and $149 (plus a $10.71 fee) for general admission (that starts on April 2nd). The tickets are all-inclusive so the purchaser has access to everything. The hard part will be to pick and chose what to do.

WiHM 12: An Interview With Grace Kimball

As the month for Women In Horror comes to a close I was able to catch up with Grace Kimball. Her latest collection Twisted Anatomy, which she co-edited with Sam Brunke-Kervin, Tracy Robinson, Lilyn George, and Oliver Clarke, was released on February 19th. You might recognize her work from Sci-Fi and Scary where she does reviews on horror books, movies, and games.

JG: Hi Grace! Thank you so much for taking the time to do the interview! I was so pumped when I found out that not only were you a horror writer but you also had a collection coming out! Congrats on that!

GK: We have a great team of people in the Kali Krew, and several of them pulled together and pooled resources to make twisted anatomy happen. It has been an interesting experiment, considering the only thing we outsourced was the cover design.

Well, I’m not actually an author, lol. I write for Sci-Fi and Scary and have a reoccurring series called Focus on the Frightful where I talk about all things horror-related.

JG: How long have you been in horror?