Epeolatry Book Review: Case Files of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society Volume 1 by Robert Lewis and Bryan Bonner


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Title: Case Files of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society Volume 1
Author: Robert Lewis and Bryan Bonner
Genre: Occult Horror
Publisher:Polymath Press
Release Date: 15th September, 2023

Synopsis: Do you enjoy a good ghost story?

For nearly a quarter of a century, the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society has investigated ghosts, aliens, cryptids, and all manner of bizarre claims and happenings in Colorado and beyond. Combining historic and scientific research with a love of the weird and scary, they’ve researched and documented some of the best paranormal stories in the world. Now, Colorado’s first and only forensic paranormal investigation team is proud to present this inaugural volume of their collected case files.

Within these pages, you’ll learn not only the ghostly and paranormal stories, but the histories of the allegedly haunted locations and the methods Rocky Mountain Paranormal uses to get to the bottom of some of the world’s strangest phenomena.

Have you ever wondered how a real paranormal investigation goes? Look no further! Case Files of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society Volume One by Robert Lewis and Bryan Bonner have pulled together some of their case files from the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society (RMPRS) to show what is involved in a typical (or sometimes not so typical) investigation. The book starts with background on how the RMPRS works as well as investigation basics. Once the reader gets a fundamental understanding of it all, it’s on to the investigations themselves. Lewis and Bonner do a through job of breaking down each case. Each file starts with the history of the place being investigated, followed by a list of the paranormal claims and then what they find during the actual investigation. There are footnotes aplenty for any history buffs like myself to find more information on a place as well.

The cases in volume one are all based in the state of Colorado (and yes, they DO investigate at the Stanley Hotel). I found it interesting to get a map and mark all the places they have investigated in this book (more books on the way so I’m sure that the map will fill up). They have traveled a lot. The first part of the book deals with public places that have been investigated, the second with private homes and the last third other types of investigations. This includes UFOs and things like orbs in photographs.

While sometimes the explanations can be too detailed it does give the reader a very good insight as to how the RMPRS works. This volume has an eclectic selection from their case files ranging from possible hauntings to UFOs. It is an very good read for anyone interested in paranormal research. There is also a lot of history as well as the science background that goes into these investigations. I found cases like Chessman Park facinating. The wild history that is behind that park! Another one was the Cave of Winds in Manitou Springs. Not only do the authors explain the typical history of the location but also the Native American views on the location. There are some fun ones like the Toilet Ghost. Not all the cases are “solved”. There are several that there just isn’t enough information to prove or disprove what could be going on. Sometimes those can be the hardest to walk away from.

I enjoyed the wide range of topics covered. When you think of paranormal research a lot of people tend to think of the stuff you see on tv. Turns out there is a lot more to it. It can be serious business for some people. And this gives it the respect it deserves. I am looking forward to reading future volumes as they come out!


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