Unholy Trinity: “Killing Fields / Feeding Grounds”, “Siren’s Call” & “Swapped Memories” by Cassandra Vaillancourt

Our church worships at the altar of the Unholy Trinity. Its gospels are delivered as a trio of dark drabbles, linked so that Three become One. All hail the power of the Three.


Killing Fields / Feeding Grounds


They were part of a group that toured the grounds of the Choeung Ek killing fields. The guide cautioned everyone to stick together. They had a hard time keeping up, desiring to stay and take selfies at the bone pits, the Murder Tree and skull displays to the chagrin of the other visitors.

Looking up, they discovered that their tour group was long gone, so they wandered the grounds musing on Khmer Rouge horrors.

They walked into a secluded wood and were surrounded by gaunt, ghoulish creatures. Their rags identified them as the original perpetrators who had just found new prey!


Siren’s Call


Chad couldn’t sleep. He left the guest house to go for a late night stroll in the sleepy Cambodian village he visited.

He heard someone singing the most beautiful melody ever heard and followed it to the edge of a field where he encountered a Cambodian beauty who was singing to the moon.

She beckoned Chad to follow her as she effortlessly glided through the field.

She stopped and opened her arms to Chad. He almost caught up and heard a click. The ground erupted, splitting him in two.

His dying vision was of her giggling as she faded away.


Swapped Memories


Mark was enjoying the best of Phnom Penh’s nightlife. An evening of wine women and song.

He noticed some enchanting beauties and ran to catch up with them until he crashed into an elderly man. “Watch where you’re going!!” Mark snorted and rudely pushed the poor man away. The girls were long gone. Mark cursed his luck.

Much later, Mark passed out in his hotel room only to be violently awakened by visions of planes raining fiery death, wiping out villages in nonstop explosions.

Meanwhile an elderly man enjoys a happily peaceful sleep with dreams of wine, women and song.


Cassandra Vaillancourt

Hello. My name is Cassandra Vaillancourt. I am a Trans Woman and a veteran. I am also a regular contributor to the Horror Tree as well as a contributor to the Veterans Arts Festival where my writings have won 1st, 2nd and Best of Show ribbons in the local level. I reside in the great state of Washington. I am on Facebook and Twitter.

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