The Unholy Trinity: Love Is Never Enough

Our church worships at the altar of the Unholy Trinity. Its gospels are delivered as a trio of dark drabbles, linked so that Three become One. All hail the power of the Three.

Love Is Never Enough

David lifted Ester from the trolley and dropped her into the formaldehyde; her body loose and floppy, but still buoyant. He put on rubber gloves and held her down until the last of the air escaped from her mouth. Bubbles parted her lips in a perfect round O. She sank down through the liquid like an angel descending.

She looked so beautiful; floating with her hair spread like a dark halo, her skin fresh, her lips red.

David gave a little cry of delight and regret. He pressed his lips to the tank, a kiss farewell.

Finally, Ester’s eyes opened.


Although he loved her, it wasn’t enough, never enough. How could it be; they were always apart, always would be. He knew how much she had given up for him, all about the sacrifices she had made. He would stand and look at her and talk to her for hours, but she never spoke back. Not once did Ester speak to him or consider his pain. Her face stony.

“I have suffered too,” he told her. But his words fell on deaf ears. His pleas met with silence.

In the end, he turned back to the night and the hunt.


Ester came without sound or sign. In the darkness, he sensed her waiting. Her anger, feel the heat of it. Why; after all he had done for her. Hadn’t he proved his love; she was his forever.

“I never betrayed you,” David protested.

His voice echoed around the room unanswered.

“I love only you.”

The silence continued. The anger continued.

“She means nothing to me, nothing.”

Waiting; she would wait forever. Whispers. He knew what Ester wanted. Regretfully, he brushed the sleeping girl’s hair back exposing her throat and lifted his knife. It was ever enough. Love is never enough.



David Rae

David lives in Scotland. He loves stories that exist just below the surface of things, like deep water.

He has most recently had work published or forthcoming  in; THE FLATBUSH REVIEW, THE HORROR TREE, LOCUST, ROSETTA MALEFICARIUM, SHORT TALE 100 and 50 WORD STORIES. You can read more at

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