Taking Submissions: The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls 2023 Contest

Deadline: March 1st, 2023
Prizes: $50 to the and $10 to honorable mentions
Theme: Poetry with a theme of: Seasick

the theme for this year’s contest is seasick. with global greenhouse gas emissions climbing, we want poetry that examines the way human activity is affecting the ocean. we want your drowning islands, your melting glaciers, your bleached coral. we want your hurricanes, your flooding, your erosion. we want your seasick.

contest submissions will remain open from november 1 to march 1. winners will receive a $50 prize and publication. honorable mentions will also be published and receive a $10 prize. all decisions will be announced in early april and made by our editing staff. to get a feel for what we publish, we’d encourage you to scroll through our archives.

do beware that our publishing software doesn’t handle formatting very well, so think twice before you submit a work heavily dependent on visual presentation. for an example of what the display would look like, we’d encourage you to look at the page of “ghost ship” by charlotte oliver. (thetiderises.org/read/ghost-ship)

reprints are welcome, as long as you own the right to do so. simultaneous submissions are allowed as well, and if you need to withdraw your piece for any reason, please email us immediately. there is no entry fee, but we accept a maximum of three submissions per poet. you can always submit any of your other ocean poems to the regular literary magazine as you wait to hear back from us.

if you do not receive a response from us by april 20, please notify us via email: [email protected]

Submission link is at the bottom fo the page:


submitters should know…

we will not publish hate speech of any kind, and we reserve the right to rescind an acceptance if we learn of an author or a work’s intolerance.

we want (and try) to be an ally to everybody in the poetry community, especially if you are lgbtqia+, bipoc, of mixed heritage, neurodivergent, disabled, and/or a woman. we know it can be tough to get your voices out there, but we want to read your amazing, beautiful poetry.

Via: The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls.

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