Taking Submissions: Space Treks – A Space Opera Anthology

Deadline: January 1st, 2022
Payment: Royalties
Theme: Starships and their crews, heroic captains, villainous alien armadas etc.

TRUE STORY: A few years ago at the back of every single Star Trek novel, there was a physical address for any aspiring writer to send off their own Star Trek manuscripts for publication consideration! As the years have gone on, the laws have tightened up and characters and names have been strictly copyrighted.

So what does this have to do with our space opera call, you wonder? Well simple – we’re going to put out an anthology for all of you who always wanted to write an episode inspired by Star Trek, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers or The Orville but missed those days of golden opportunity.

If you enjoy the thinking man’s drama of the iterations of Trek or the pulpy exploration elements of say Flash Gordon or even the more comedic chops of something like The Orville, this is your time to shine.

We look forward to reading your tales inspired by the space opera greats (including Battlestar Galactica, Firefly etc.), just make sure your story is set in space and that the universe, setting, characters and names are original and completely your own creations.

Title: Space Treks

Theme: science fiction, space opera, pulp, drama

Word count: 2,000 to 12,000 words

Submission opens: OPEN

Submission closes: January 2022 (or when full)

What we would like to see: Starships and their crews, heroic captains, villainous alien armadas etc.

Things of the hard pass variety: Horror, rape / excessive gore

Compensation: Royalty Split

Eligibility: Open to all

Multiple submissions: Yes

Reprints: Yes

Simultaneous submissions: No


At Starry Eyed Press we strive to share the best possible version of your stories with the world. Therefore, all accepted material will receive professional in depth editing and formatting. If you are uncomfortable with this, please do not submit to us.



Please email your story as word document to: [email protected]

Put the anthology name, your story name and pen name in the subject line.

Include your legal name, address, pen name, story title and word count in the email body and at the beginning of your word document.



If you want to make us happy, we love submissions in our house style:

  • American English, or German
  • Arial 12
  • Double line spacing
  • No indent for the first line, auto indent new paragraphs
  • *** for scene breaks
  • Numbers written out in dialog
  • Use en dashes with a space on either side (instead of em dashes with no space)

Via: Starry Eyes Press.

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