Taking Submissions: Modern Magic

Deadline: April 1st, 2022
Payment: Royalties
Theme: Stories about magic in today’s world

We all need a little extra help in today’s world.

A little extra push.

A little something special that gives us an advantage.

A little … magic.

Submission dates February 15, 2022 to April 1, 2022

We want stories about magic in today’s world. Not stories of witches and warlocks surrounded by vampires and werewolves that hide in the shadows, but of real, everyday people, in our real, everyday world, and that one little magic charm they found, or that one spell they learned that actually works, or that one gift they were born with, and how they can make it work for them in today’s world. And maybe how it works against them, too…

For this anthology, please no extreme horror or sex. Please keep content and language limited to the equivalent of a “PG-13” rated movie. We want to be able to share this with our mothers and children.

Please remember, Knight Writing Press will not accept a story that glorifies, supports, encourages, or gratuitously includes hate, hate crimes, rape, sex, sex crimes, or any other forms of inhumanity. While we know it is tempting to walk those lines with magic spells, do not send us stories about love charms used for rape, torture, or abusive mind control unless you are showing the consequences and why it shouldn’t be done. Even then, we probably don’t want to see it. This anthology is supposed to fun escapism, not an outlet for high-handed morality stories nor mentally masturbative abusers.

There are no genre restrictions on this anthology, however the main premise is modern day with a fantastic/magical elements. Please keep this in mind if your story does not contain those elements. It will be up to the editors to decide if a non-magical idea fits the theme well enough.

Please make sure you read and follow all submission guidelines and look over the sample contract before you submit. In the text of your query letter, please include confirmation that you understand we are using Draft2Digital and that you must have an account there in order to receive royalties for your story.

Submit stories to:

[email protected]

with the subject heading: Modern Magic Submission—(story title) by (author pen name)

While rejections may be sent out prior to the deadline date, acceptances will not be determined until after the close of submissions.

Word count maximum (firm) of 7,000 words. Anything under 2,000 words will be considered flash fiction.

Rights asked for: worldwide, nonexclusive, English Language publication rights, for both print and electronic, for as long as the anthology remains in print.

Payment: royalty sharing.

Reprints, poetry, flash fiction, and B&W art are welcome and will be paid at 1/2 rate of original stories. Please disclose in your cover letter if your story is a reprint at the time of submission.

Multiple and simultaneous submissions are acceptable. Please be aware that while we may not mind publishing your story at the same time someone else does, other publishers may not feel the same way, and you should keep them informed of the multiple submissions status of your story.

Via: Knight Writing Press.

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