Taking Submissions: Inclusive Future Magazine Issue 1

Deadline: July 15th, 2021
Payment: 8¢ a word for original work, 4¢ a word for reprints
Theme: Visions from a Gender-Inclusive Future
Note: Trans, nonbinary, and genderqueer artists and writers
Note: Reprints Welcome

About Issue 1: Visions from a Gender-Inclusive Future

Inclusive Future Magazine is an anthology of speculative prose, poetry, and art in the guise of a pop culture  magazine from the future.

IMAGINE: It’s the year 2068, and we’ve achieved gender equality in the broadest sense. Not only are  genders outside the binary widely acknowledged and accepted, but people of all genders are paid equally for equal work, have equal opportunity, are included in scientific studies, and are marketed to equally. You are writing and making art from this future, roughly fifty years from now, and you are submitting a piece of work to an international culture magazine whose target audience includes English-speaking adults of all genders living anywhere in the world. 


What does this gender-inclusive future look like? What language do we use around gender? In what ways have

our societies been reshaped in order to include people of all genders? How might inclusion look different in different cultures and systems (including religious ones)? How might advancements in science and technology change our perceptions of gender? What challenges might trans, non-binary, and genderqueer people still face and be fighting to overcome?

While your submission does not have to be about gender, it definitely needs to contain elements that make it gender-inclusive. A simplistic example: a pop science article about Mars colonization that uses pronouns beyond the binary.

Via: Inclusive Future Magazine.

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