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Taking Submissions: Planet Scumm #15

Deadline: May 2nd, 2022
Payment: 5 cents per word and a contributor’s copy
Theme: Hard sci-fi, soft sci-fi, sci-fi, Speculative fiction, weird fiction, slipstream

Planet Scumm accepts submissions from writers across the world. (Our HQ is a roving meteor-sized space station—Earth’s borders mean nothing to us. We want to hear from writers of every race, nationality, and gender identity.


  • Hard sci-fi, soft sci-fi, sci-fi that melts in your mouth-brain not your hand-brain

  • Speculative fiction, weird fiction, slipstream

  • Basically anything that pleases Scummy, our megaphone-toting slime buddy, will be considered for entry to the interstellar archive aboard Scummy’s saucer


Taking Submissions: Eye to the Telescope #45

Deadline: June 15th, 2022
Payment: US 3¢/word rounded up to nearest dollar; minimum US $3, maximum $25
Theme: Veterans of Alien Wars

Eye to the Telescope 45, Veterans of Alien Wars, will be edited by Deborah L. Davitt.

Conflict’s unlikely to vanish, even in the most utopian of futures. How will veterans of future wars have to adapt and adjust to civilian life once their cybernetics have been stripped from their bodies and they have no more access to their power armor? What memories will haunt them as they learn to live in a reality in which the aliens they fought are no longer their enemies?

I have a special fondness for form poetry done well—rhymes that don’t jingle, sestinas that aren’t forced—but will absolutely consider free-verse as well. Special consideration will be given to writers who have served in the armed forces, and we hope that this provides them with an artistic outlet that they may not have pursued in the past.


Ongoing Submissions: Dragon Gems

Payment: 2 cents per word
Theme: Fantasy or science fiction

Thank you for your overwhelming response to our Call for Submissions! Due to the sudden increase in the number of submissions we are currently receiving, it may take up to 90 days before we can inform you of our decision whether we would like to work with you to publish your work.

Dragon Gems is our publishing program for your short fiction when a novel just won’t do.

Published in digital format, and priced at a reasonable 99¢, your story will still receive the same promotional support as we provide for any of the books we publish, and be distributed through the same online distribution marketplaces.


Taking Submissions: Azathoth: Ordo ab Chao

Deadline: May 31st, 2022
Payment: 5 cents per word
Theme: Lovecraftian gods featured in the wildly successful The Gods of HP Lovecraft


Anthology Title: Azathoth: Ordo ab Chao
Edited by Aaron J. French
Based on The Gods of HP Lovecraft
Publisher: JournalStone Publishing

Anthology Theme

Taking Submissions: Weird Horror Magazine March 2022 Window (Early Listing)

Deadline: March 31st, 2022
Payment: 1.5¢ per word (one and one-half cent), with a $25 (U.S.) minimum (paid via PayPal) and 2 contributor’s copies
Theme: Weird Horror


Weird Horror has two reading periods each year – March and September.


OPENS: March 1, 2022

CLOSES: March 31, 2022

Fiction must be in English, and previously unpublished in English anywhere, in any format, on any platform. Please do not query about reprints.


Taking Submissions: Tasavvur Q1 2022

Deadline: March 15th, 2022
Payment: 2.5 cents per word
Theme: South Asian speculative fiction

Tasavvur is now open for short story submissions! Send your South Asian speculative fiction our way!

Please submit your stories before 15th March 2022 using the form below or send to [email protected]

Submission Guidelines

Give us your dreamscapes and nightmares, your soaring fantasies, your futuristic miasmas. Give us also your unstructured ramblings, where a story exists at the edges, dripping with lush, brilliant prose. We are not sticklers for the usual 3-act, 5-act structures, because great storytelling is so much more than that. So send us your lores written in reverse, written in verses, written in the form of email exchanges across multiverses, or haphazard POVs.

Which is not to say we won’t accept a story with a usual structure. A good hero’s journey is a good hero’s journey. But if you’re doing that, take chances, and twist it!


Taking Submissions: Picnic in the Graveyard

Deadline: May 1st, 2022
Payment: 7 cents per word
Theme: Horror stories that take place in a cemetery/burial place.

Horror Anthology Open Call

Right now we’re reading stories for an anthology entitled Picnic in the Graveyard. 2000-4000 word horror stories that take place in a cemetery/burial place. No reprints. $0.07/word. Send stories to [email protected] w/ attached doc file. Deadline May 1st or until the graveyard is full.


Taking Submissions: Brute: Raunch, Scares, and Rough Trade

Deadline: August 1st, 2022
Payment: 5 cents a word, 1 cent per word for reprints, 2 contributor copies
Theme: dark and speculative short stories that address gay sexuality, desire, masculinity, and the aesthetics of “rough trade.”
Note: Reprints welcome

Brute is an anthology featuring dark and speculative short stories that address gay sexuality, desire, masculinity, and the aesthetics of “rough trade.” We do not want every story in the book to be so grim; if your inclination is to have your protagonist chasing a beast of a man who rapes and kills the character, please do not submit. That said, stories don’t need to end happily. The attraction to rough trade often involves a desire to embrace danger and risk the self. Because we are seeking a certain tone, we ask that before you submit your story, you query first with your details on your concept (and if you have any previous publications). We will consider reprints.