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Writing In Theory and Practice: Write to be Read
by Bob Freeman


You know the mantra — writers write. If you’re in the game at all then you know the whole ass-in-chair incantation by heart. Thing is, there’s more to just knocking out words on a keyboard. It’s one thing to write the words, it’s another to sell them.

I’m working under the general assumption that you are writing to be read. There’s more to it than that though. It’s not enough to be read. If that’s all you’re after, pass your stories around to your friends and be done with it. No, what you want is to be read, to build an audience, to have your words touch people, and to be paid for your efforts.

Before you can build an audience you have to define who you are as a writer.

That’s the hardest part of the game, really — finding your unique voice and having something to say.

But once you’ve got that down, once you know who and why you are, then it’s a matter of staying true to that voice and vision and start submitting your stories to each and every paying market that’s out there.

Sure, there’ll be more rejections than acceptances, but that’s the nature of the beast — it’s in the fine print of the job description.

Just stick to the game plan. Be you, and always you, when you write and submit. Prowl Duotrope and Ralan for opportunities, network on twitter and Facebook and wherever else. Keep your ear to the ground, ferret out anthologies and magazine markets…  anywhere and everywhere that takes stories… and then feed them yours.

Feed them yours.

Whether you write about monsters, or occult detectives, or cat loving sleuths, or one-eyed llamas with a crack habit, it doesn’t bloody matter. Find a paying market. Write what you’re passionate about (but within the context of what the market’s looking for), and submit.

Get your work out there. Always be true to yourself and your voice. And build your audience.

If you write it they will come.


Virtual Tour
Author: Bob Freeman
Featured Book: Shadows Over Somerset


BobFreemanAbout Bob Freeman: Bob Freeman doesn’t just write and draw occult detectives, he’s also a card carrying paranormal adventurer who founded Nightstalkers of Indiana in 1983.
A lifelong student of witchcraft, magic, and religion, Bob’s studies are reflected in his art, both as an author and illustrator.

Bob lives in rural Indiana with his wife Kim and son Connor.

He can be found online at occultdetective.com


ShadowsOverSomersetCoverShadows Over Somerset Book Synopsis: Michael Somers is brought to Cairnwood, an isolated manor in rural Indiana, to sit at the deathbed of a grandfather he never knew existed. He soon finds himself drawn into a strange and esoteric world filled with werewolves, vampires, witches… and a family curse that dates back to fourteenth century Scotland.
In the sleepy little town of Somerset, an ancient evil awakens, hungering for blood and vengeance… and if Michael is to survive he must face his inner demons and embrace his family’s dark past.
Shadows Over Somerset is the first Cairnwood Manor Novel.

Author Links:
Website: www.occultdetective.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorbobfreeman
Twitter: @OccultDetective

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Amazon Links for Shadows Over Somerset:

Kindle Version: http://www.amazon.com/Shadows-Over-Somerset-Cairnwood-Manor-ebook/dp/B00L9UYHKE

Print Version: http://www.amazon.com/Shadows-Over-Somerset-Bob-Freeman/dp/1941706118

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