Paying Markets For Speculative Fiction Authors | Top Open Calls November 13th-17th, 2023

Welcome, weavers of the wondrous and the whimsical! 🐉🌌 As our journey through November, from the 13th to the 17th, unfolds, let us immerse ourselves in the fantastical tapestries akin to those spun by Anne McCaffrey, where dragons soar through starlit skies and distant planets harbor tales yet untold. In this week of crafting narratives, you hold the power to meld the mystical with the interstellar, creating worlds that resonate with the heart of exploration and the magic of possibility.

This week’s compendium of opportunities is akin to a Pernese dragon’s hoard, each link a gem with the potential to transport your stories to new heights and unexplored worlds.

As we navigate these creative skies, let us ponder a unique November facet: November is often associated with meteor showers, particularly the Leonids, which occur around mid-November. The Leonids are famous for producing spectacular meteor storms in some years, creating a celestial tapestry that has inspired countless storytellers and dreamers throughout history. This natural phenomenon is a reminder of the wonders and mysteries of the universe, a backdrop that can ignite the imagination and bring to life tales of interstellar adventure and cosmic wonder.

As you weave your narratives from November 13th to 17th, let the celestial dance of the Leonids inspire you. Picture your stories as meteors streaking across the sky of your imagination, brilliant and unforgettable. In the vast canvas of speculative fiction, your tales can shine as brightly, leaving an indelible impact on your readers. 🌠📖

In the spirit of celebrating speculative fiction authors, it’s noteworthy to mention Margaret Atwood, a luminary in the world of speculative and dystopian fiction, who celebrates her birthday on November 18th. Her work stands as a testament to the power of speculative fiction in exploring and questioning our reality.

Your narratives, like the harmonious bond between dragon and rider, are a symphony of the fantastical and the futuristic. In the words of Anne McCaffrey, “Make no judgments where you have no compassion.” Let this reminder to infuse empathy into your creations guide you as you sculpt new worlds and beings, bridging the gap between the human heart and the far reaches of the universe.

As we bid farewell to the lingering echoes of Halloween and venture deeper into the heart of November, let your tales be as boundless as the cosmos and as intimate as a dragon’s whisper. The vast expanse of speculative fiction awaits the unique cadence of your voice, ready to take flight on the wings of your boundless imagination. 🌟📚

Paying Markets For Speculative Fiction Authors | Top Open Calls November 13th-17th, 2023

This week’s features are:
Black Beacon Book of Ghost Stories

The First Line

Many Worlds

Diet Milk Magazine

Taking Submissions: Diet Milk Magazine Spring/Summer 2023 Issue Window

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