CLOSED: Ruthless People Magazine

This website is no longer updated.

Payment: Accepts 2 stories a month at $100 a story


Ruthless Peoples Magazine publishes excellent flash fiction online. Our submissions form is below.

We publish two stories a month and pay $100 for each. Stories must be previously unpublished and the writer’s own creative work.


If excellence could be defined it would cease to exist. RPM subscribes to no genre. Capture something of the human condition in a story of ghosts or femme fatales or dusty electricians or the breath of a reluctant lover, if you like–or in the brass dials of a spy satellite, the wink of an elephant’s greasy nostril, a collapsing circus tent.

With that said, the preference is for character over caricature, drama over hysteria, plot over passivity, fresh observation over cliche. Juvenile or pretentious work is revolting, so bring a sense of a character reaching for the maximum understanding of what lies in front of them, and acting on it.

In 1,000 words or fewer.


We take First Electronic Rights over accepted work, exclusive for 12 months. We pay on acceptance.

Via: Ruthless People.

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