Ongoing Submissions: Pandemic Publications

Themes: (Any of the following): All things considered, Optimistic apocalypse, On doing nothing, When this is all over
Payment: $120 for fiction and non-fiction, $50 per poem

Thank you for taking a chance on our project! Our mandate is to provide relief for multi-disciplinary artists through modest bursaries, while showcasing original and thought-provoking work from a diversity of voices.

While we encourage you to take creative license, we have particular fondness for positive or darkly comedic content, and are currently seeking content loosely based around the following four themes:

  • All things considered

  • Optimistic apocalypse

  • On doing nothing

  • When this is all over

We invite you to submit original work in the categories of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual arts, including photography, comics, etc. All accepted works will be published on our website and, when relevant, social media channels.

We are a very small volunteer-run team with limited capacity and funding, so we ask (beg) that you read the submission guidelines in their entirety before submitting anything.

How to Submit

Please send all submissions, with a cover letter, to [email protected]. We only accept previously unpublished work, including publication on your personal blog or social media. Please indicate in your cover letter if you have submitted the same works elsewhere, and withdraw your submission via a follow-up email if it is accepted somewhere else. Include links to your social media and website (if applicable) in the body of the email.


We ask for first world publication rights and the right to archive your work on the website. Ownership and liability for the work remains with the artist.


Pandemic Publications pays a modest honorarium for each published work. Our rates are as follows:

$120 for fiction and non-fiction
$50 per poem
$150 for photography and illustrations

Please note that all dollar amounts are in CAD, and are paid by Paypal upon publication.

Who Should Submit

While we welcome submissions from any artist: new, emerging, or established, we encourage submissions from members of economically marginalized communities. We are doing this for two reasons: to amplify the message of those communities, and to direct bursaries to where they are needed most. Please indicate in your cover letter if you belong to a marginalized community.

That said, if you do not identify as a member of a marginalized community, you are still absolutely welcome to submit your art. All submissions will be considered, first and foremost, for the quality of their content.

In your submission, please put as your subject line: Your medium: Your Name. For example, if you are a poet named Reginald Doolinkyspankers, please put Poetry: Reginald Doolinkyspankers as the subject line. Any email whose subject line does not conform to this convention will not be opened.

What to Submit

Send your best work in one category. For now, we will not publish the same artist twice. Please do not send a second submission until you have heard back from us regarding the first one.


We welcome poetry in any form. You can submit multiple poems in a single submission, up to a total limit of five pages.

Please send all poems in Times New Roman, 12-point font, single-spaced.

Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction.

We encourage you to push genre boundaries and play with the narrative form. All creative non-fiction must be factual, and any name changes to protect privacy must be indicated.

Please send all submissions in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced. Please indicate the word count at the top right corner of the document.

Word limit: 3000

Comics and Illustrations.

We’re looking for illustrations that tell stories, challenge conventions, and provoke contemplation.

Please submit your illustrations at 72dpi, with titles and/or captions as you would like them to be displayed.

Size limit: 5 pages.


Tell us a story in 10 photos or fewer. Your photos should create a narrative that, concretely or abstractly, addresses one of the four aforementioned themes. Please do not leave your homes to take new photographs unless it is absolutely safe to do so, and in compliance with current health guidelines.

Send your submissions pasted into a word document or PDF, with all relevant captions or titles included.

If your work is accepted for publication, we will contact you for hi-res versions of the photo essay in JPG or PNG format.

Thank you!

Thank you again for taking a chance on a brand new project. We look forward to your submissions!

Via: Pandemic Publications.

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