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Payment: Royalties
Theme: Horror novels based on North American folklore


Occult America: Horror Stories in America’s Main Street
American folklore is rich and varied, reflecting the melting pot of cultures that shaped and continues to mold our populations. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the small, semi-isolated townships and villages that dot our national landscape. In many areas, the indigenous peoples of the area have embraced newcomers, melding their traditions with those of European, African, and even Asian descent into something new and different.
Within this rich treasure of folklore is a variety of creatures of mythology. Some are quite well known, like the Jersey Devil or Bigfoot. Others, like the Chickcharney or the Coyote legends are virtually unknown to contemporary Americans. Where did these creatures come from? Are they native to the vast American continent? Were they brought here accidentally, where they evolved and adapted to their new environment? And if they had to because they threatened the human population, how were they subdued? By whom? And what happens when one of them wakes up as a result of contemporary actions, the increased “noise” of modern society?
Every Small town has a ghost story or a local legend an indication of a darker history right down the street from the place with the amazing mom’s apple pie. We want to explore all of those darker shadows right off of main street.

Occult America leans hard into The USA’s rich history as a melting pot. Every region in the country has rich legends that have only become more fascinating over time. Stories should be in the vein of occult horror/supernatural thriller.
While this is horror, we also believe in hope. Unrelentingly dark, hopeless stories are not the aim of Occult America. Additionally, we prefer stories featuring ensemble casts of characters, where the groups and the communities often work together to attempt to save the day.
Stories should be based in locales on the North American continent. The United States is the primary location, but recognizing that America is an inclusive area, we are willing to entertain portions of Canada and the Yukon Territory.
We want stories that involve contact between mythology and reality. Some of your characters should be familiar with magic and the ways in which it helps shape and control the occult world; others will want to find “real world” explanations and solutions to the creatures that have appeared in their midst.
We attempt to appeal to a wide audience, and as such, overly graphic violence, pervasive language, and explicit sexual trauma/rape will not be accepted.
Spots of humor are fine, but just keep in mind the overall tone is one of occult horror. Urban Fantasy is not what we want. Think Stephen King, or a more horror centric version of Gaiman’s American Gods.
Lastly, the goal is to entertain readers, not preach to them. Let’s try and keep politics (of all sides) out of it.
All Submissions should be:
12pt font
Double spaced
Times New Roman or Courier.
Word count – 75-100k
If you wish to submit a work for consideration, please send us a query letter with your pitch.
You should include the locale, where the residents came from, what creature they brought with them and how, who or what the creature is and why it is dangerous to humans, and how they plan to deal with it.
Please also include a sample chapter, preferably your opening chapter, so we can judge your writing style.
Accepted authors will be paid royalties on the gross cover price of the novel. At this time, no advances will be given.
We will provide editing, cover art, formatting, and marketing.
Payment negotiations will be with Prince of Cats Literary Publishing.
Submissions should be sent to:
Alexi Vandenberg, Publisher – [email protected]
Shoshana Edwards, Curator – [email protected]
Steve Diamond, Curator – [email protected]

Via: Prince of Cats Literary Productions’s Facebook.

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