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Payment: 1 cent per word

ECM is seeking original horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction. Make us feel uneasy and scare us. Make our blood run cold. Create worlds never explored before; take us to places unknown. We’re fans of the weird and unexplained. Take chances with your fiction and non-fiction, and don’t be afraid to experiment. 3,000 words: Max. Follow all the guidelines or you will not be considered for publication.

Start with a hook and reel your reader in. Start with action, something interesting happening. Do not start with backstory, “explaining things,” “retelling events,” a character waking up, or flashbacks. If you have to say, “You’ve gotta read more to get to the good parts,” you need to revise. If you can’t hook your reader in the first few lines, they won’t get to the “good parts.” Imagine you’re walking through the bookstore and only have time to read the first paragraph of a book that you picked up. Would you buy it? We want stories that grab you from the first line and don’t let go.

Acceptable word count for stories: 100 – 3,000 words

We accept Simultaneous Submissions for stories and poems. We do not accept Multiple Submissions.

For Art work or Photographs, we accept both Simultaneous Submissions and Multiple Submissions. Attach no more than 5 pieces of art in a single e-mail.


We are seeking dark, uncanny poetry. Give us something to think about. Keep it dark, delicious, and don’t be afraid to experiment. 250 words Max.


Send us black / white photographs or art, drawings, paintings, etc. We accept color art for our website and magazine ebooks. Stay creepy, stay unnatural. We want twisted realities, new perspectives that make you think and wonder. We’re looking for something edgy, something that bleeds in all the right places. Think more Giger than Gogh. Surprise us. We love surprises. Attach Art as a .PNG or .JPG – in 300 DPI, please. If it’s not the appropriate quality, we can’t accept or publish it. 


We claim first world electronic rights, first print rights, and non-exclusive audio rights.


Featured Stories, Poems, and Art

ECM will choose one author, poet, and artist to Feature for each Quarterly Publication. Featured Authors and Poets receive the pro-rate .05 cents per word + Publication, a dedicated page–including a 100 word bio, author photos, personal promotions or banners, and further relevant material they’d like on their page in the magazine. The Featured Author and Poet will also be promoted on the front page of ECM’s personal entertainment news blog during the month in which they are featured. Featured Authors and Poets get free premium spot-light advertising the month their story is published.

Featured Artists receive a flat $25 + Publication + everything mentioned above for the Featured Author and Poet.

Accepted Stories, Poems, and Art

Authors and Poets receive the semi-pro rate .01 cent per word + Publication, a 50 word bio, an author photo, and will get free promotion throughout ECM’s entertainment news blog during the month in which they are published.

Artists receive a flat $5 + Publication + everything mentioned above for the Accepted Authors and Poets.

Payment will be made securely through PayPal.



Submissions should generally follow standard manuscript format, though we prefer single-spaced with a space in between paragraphs. Your manuscript (story, poem, or article) may be submitted in either .RTF, .DOC, .DOCX, or .ODT format. Attach Art as a .PNG or .JPG – in 300 DPI, No exceptions.

SUBJECT of your e-mail should be in this format:

STORY: “Story, Poem, Art: Title of Work: Author Name: Word Count”

Example: “Story – New Story – John Doe – 2500 words” / “Poem – The Great Poem – Jane Doe – 200 words”

Submit all stories, artwork, and poetry to [email protected]

***Please follow all Guidelines on this page or you will not be accepted***


We do interviews in our magazine and on our blog for artists, authors, film makers, musicians, photographers to name a few among many. Use the form below if you’d like an interview with ECMNetwork. The Subject line needs to be “INTERVIEW.”


Give us 60 days before inquiring. If you have not heard anything by then, send us a message. Use the form below. DO NOT copy / paste submissions in the contact form. The Subject in the contact form should be “INQUIRY.”


We do advertising in our magazine, our blog and almost anywhere. Let us know if you’d like to rent space in the magazine or on our website. We havespecials starting at only $5 and can go into the 100s; you won’t get a better asking-price anywhere else. Let us know in the contact form. The Subject of the e-mail should be “ADVERTISE.”


Let us know if we can do anything for you. Ask us questions, state concerns, complaints or suggestions. If you have an idea, let us know. We love feedback. The Subject in the contact form should be “SUPPORT.”

Via: EMC Network.

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2 Responses

  1. Richard R. Blake says:


    Hello, I submitted a very short story a couple of months ago named “Lady of the Black Wings.” As per the instructions above, I thought I’d check in.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,


  2. Anne Marie Lutz says:

    Hello — I submitted a short story titled “Nightmare” on June 11. I’m following up to find out what the status of my submission is. Thanks!