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Taking classes can be expensive. I’ve gone the way of the free courses you can take but only pay if you want a certificate many times. Recently though I’ve stumbled across Going through their class list surprised me. Not only were the course choices impressive, but the instructors are a who’s who in their chosen field.

But being a writer, I took a look at the choices under “writing.” Seven authors are listed. I’ve read and/or heard of all of them. I clicked on Margaret Atwood, who teaches creative writing, to see what the course entailed. It’s just like signing up for a college course. There is a video of the instructor telling you about the class, and there is a syllabus to read through as well.

Classes are amazingly inexpensive. $90 for a single class (there is an average of 24 lessons in a class and 10 minutes give or take for each lesson) or you can spend $180 and be able to take unlimited classes for a year. I was thinking about the course with Carlo Santana, who teaches “the Art and Soul of Guitar.” Doing the course won’t be a problem either since I can watch the videos on my phone, computer, or tablet.

If I wanted to, I could even gift a class (or classes) to someone else. But I have to admit the thought of studying with the likes of Neil Gaiman, Dan Brown, or Margret Atwood have me leaning toward doing it for myself first. After all, I need to make sure that whoever I am going to get it for will like it!

This is a fantastic gift for yourself or someone you love. Imagine being taught by your hero!

So, what are you waiting for? Click one of the links below and start looking for your dream class. Go learn what you always wanted to but thought you couldn’t and follow your dreams!

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