Unholy Trinity: The Parking Deck, Greg, The Rest Room

Our church worships at the altar of the Unholy Trinity. Its gospels are delivered as a trio of dark drabbles, linked so that Three become One. All hail the power of the Three.

The Parking Deck

“Tell me you love me or I will jump.” Thoughts raced through my mind as my hands trembled, body shook, and heart broke. He was only the second guy I had been with, the first was no keeper. No one told me that finding a gay lover would be so difficult. And now, I stand with this lunatic on the top of a parking deck. We’d only been together twice and he was trying to force me into a commitment. Hell, what do I do! If I say I love him, he’ll come down off the ledge. If I don’t…


He had been my husband for five years. Between his drug abuse, disappearing for weeks on end, and him letting his other lovers interfere, I had had enough. In the craziness of the fighting, Greg threw me onto the bed. I threw up my arms to block his blow, bracing for his hit—knowing that at any moment, I would feel the pain, the impact of him striking me.

In the next instant, Greg was lying next to me, stroking my hair and I heard the words that would forever haunt me…

“John, you know I would never hurt you.”

The Restroom

What a fantastic night! He was the man of my dreams! About my height, muscled, but not too muscular and a killer smile. We had met online and had agreed to meet in person at a local gay bar. As I walked into the restroom, I wondered, “Why couldn’t my ex-husband have been like this instead of some psycho?”

Standing before the urinal, I realized that I was being stalked by my ex. Horror gripped me. I knew because above the urinal was carved “I.W.A.L.Y.” which is how my ex signed his letters to me.

I Will Always Love You”

John Smith

John Smith first began an interest in writing while living in Arkansas where he wrote various articles for local newspapers and novels. After moving to Florida, Mr. Smith became involved with two separate groups of playwrights and has since worked to develop his dramas. He now currently divides his time between Arkansas and Florida and enjoys playwriting in his spare time.

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