Indie Bookshelf Releases – Horror Tree Christmas Special!

This Indie Bookshelf Releases post is a special one. It’s a thankyou to all those who work so hard behind the scenes to keep Horror Tree running – from the boss, Stuart Conover, to those who do the tech stuff, write the articles, search out submissions, review, edit, or support via patreon or sponsorship,. Without the fantastic folk who volunteer their free(!) time and support, Horror Tree wouldn’t be what it is. Thank you all.

Check out the work of all these wonderful people and perhaps buy a book or two or three from them! There’s certain to be something on the shelf which grabs your fancy and would make a great gift either for someone – or yourself!


Patreons and Sponsors


Brigids Gate Press

and coming in Jan 2022:

Clint Collins

Lustcraftian Horrors: Erotic Stories Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft by [Rick Powell, Robert J. Leuthold, Janine Ashbless, Essemoh Teepee, Clint Collins, Jaap Boekestein, Jay Aury, Ronald J. Murray, Rajeev Singh, Hydra M. Star]

Elana Gomel

Little Sister: A Novella about Friendship and Monsters set in Soviet-era Russia (A Series of Russian Historical Fantasy Book 1) by [Elana Gomel, Crystal Lake Publishing] The Best Horror of the Year Volume Thirteen The Jewish Book of Horror by [Daniel Braum, Elana Gomel, Josh Schlossberg] Summer of Speculation: Catastrophe 2021 by [Lindsay Pugh, Sandy Stuckless, David Castlewitz, Katie Kent, Nickolas Urpi, Alex Minns, Daragh Kennedy, Max Turner, Barend Nieuwstraten III, Kara Race-Moore]

If I Die Before I Wake: Tales of Nightmare Creatures (The Better Off Dead Series Book 4) by [Sinister Smile Press, R.E. Sargent, Steven Pajak, Scotty Milder, Elana Gomel, Hannah O'Doom, Scott Harper, Bridgett Nelson, Brian Asman, Sandra Stephens, Henry Herz, Red Lagoe, Frank Beghin, Kevin M. Folliard, Matthew R. Davis, Jeff Strand] Due out 2022!

Connect with her on Twitter @ElanaGomel and her website

Paul O’Neill

The Nightmare Tree by [Paul O'Neill] It Calls From the Doors by [Eerie River Publishing, Aisling Campbell, Ally Wilkes, Benjamin Allocco, Chris Hewitt, Damien Allmark, David Green, Matthew R. Davis, Adam Douglas, Georgia Cook, Jennifer Quail, Michael Gore, Mason Gallaway, Paul O'Neill, Richard Clive, R. L. Meza, Steven Streeter, Steve Neal, Rachel Unger]

David Perlmutter

David Perlmutter’s fiction is now available via Click the image above to find out more. He also has a patreon, if you would like to support him further.

Rebecca Rowland

Find out more about her, here

Deborah Sheldon

Man-Beast by [Deborah Sheldon]

Discover more about Deborah Sheldon here





J.D. Blackwell

Cut & Dyed (Zombie Cosmetologist Novellas Book 3) by [J.D. Blackrose] The Jewish Book of Horror by [Daniel Braum, Elana Gomel, Josh Schlossberg] Demon Kissed (The Summoner’s Mark Book 1) by [J. D. Blackrose]

Rob E. Boley

Midnight From Beyond the Stars by [Gabino Iglesias, James Newman, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Tim Curran, Lee Murray, Ronald Kelly, Samantha Kolesnik, Kenneth W. Cain] Violent Vixens: An Homage to Grindhouse Horror by [Aric Sundquist, Gwendolyn Kiste, Sarah Read, Scotty Milder, Rob E. Boley, Sophie Leah, Adrian Ludens, Mark Wheaton, S.R. Miller, Paul Magnan, S.K. Campbell, Buck Weiss, Nik Patrick, Shannon Brady, Jaap Boekestein, Matt Neil Hill] Dark Waters by [Rhonda Parrish , Rose Chisnall, Rob E. Boley, Derek Newman-Stille, Megan M. Davies-Ostrom, Lex Vranick, Thomas Vaughn, Sharmon Gazaway, Rowena McGowan, Chris Black]

Upcoming: watch out for his story in Diabolical Plots!

Stuart Conover

Holly Cornetto

It Calls From the Sea: An Anthology of Terror on the Deep Blue Sea by [Eerie River Publishing, Chris Bannor, Chris Hewitt, Christopher Bond, Dan Le Fever, David Green, Georgia Cook, Holley Cornetto, Julie Sevens, Lin Darrow, M.B.Vujacic, Mason Gallaway, McKenzie Richardson, R. L. Meza, S.O. Green, Steve Neal, T. M. Brown, Tim Mendees, Trey Dowell, Watt Morgan, Alanna Robertson-Webb] Night Terrors Vol. 9: Short Horror Stories Anthology by [Scare Street, Angelique Fawns, Warren Benedetto, J. Z. Pitts, K. D. Bowers, Sean Goulding, D. M. Woolston, Sinéad McCabe, Bryson Tuckerman, Carl Hughes, Stuart Hardy, Dominick Cancilla, Holley Cornetto, Thomas C. Mavroudis, Ron Ripley] The Half That You See by [Rebecca Rowland] 13 Victims by [D KERSHAW, Tim Mendees, C. Marry Hultman, Thomas K.S. Wake, Jasmine Jarvis, Stephen Herczeg, Drew Starling, Joshua D. Taylor, Jonathan Inbody, Trisha Ridinger McKee, V.A. Vasquez, Holley Cornetto, J.W. Garrett, David Green, D. Kershaw]

H is for Hell (A to Z of Horror Book 8) by [Holley Cornetto, Bob Johnston, Simon J. Plant, Gemma Paul, Monster Smith, Mo Donovan, John Clewarth, Sarah Jane Huntington, Daniel R. Robichaud, P.J. Blakey-Novis] Last Stop: Horror on Route 13 by [Eerie River Publishing, David Green, Holley Cornetto, L. T. Emery, Patrick J. Foote, J.W. Garnett, Stephen Herczeg, Abigail Linhardt, Beth W. Patterson, Lynne Phillips, Austin Shirey, Joshua D Taylor, V. A. Vazquez, Patrick Winters] Carry On (AFTER: A POST-APOCALYPTIC SURVIVOR SERIES) Don't Break The Oath : Women of Horror Anthology Volume 4 by [Jill Girardi, Janine Pipe, Meghan Arcuri, Angela Yuriko Smith, Anna Taborska, K.P. Kulski, Sonora Taylor, Jennifer Soucy, Alyson Faye, Lydia Prime]


Joe Donley

Image of Dim Shores Presents Volume 2 (Anthology) Cats of the Pacific Northwest by [J.W. Donley, Leo Corbett]

Services: formatting and cover design. For more information, please see his website here.

Stephanie Ellis

What One Wouldn't Do: An Anthology on the Lengths One Might Go To by [Scott J. Moses, J.A.W. McCarthy, Joanna Koch, Eric LaRocca, Hailey Piper, Christi Nogle, Cheri Kamei, Daniel Barnett, Eric Raglin, Laurel Hightower] As the Wheel Turns: More Tales from the Weald by [Stephanie Ellis]   Daughters of Darkness by [Stephanie Ellis, Alyson Faye, Theresa Derwin, Ruschelle Dillon]

Daughters of Darkness II by [Beverley Lee, Lynn Love, Catherine McCarthy, T.C. Parker, Stephanie Ellis, Alyson Faye]  One, Two, I See You: Nursery Rhymes for Darker Minds by [Stephanie Ellis] Infectious Hope 

A Silent Dystopia: Stories from A Quiet Apocalypse edited by D.T. Griffith

Find out more at and amazon.

She is part of the HWA’s mentor program and you can also find her as part of the Dark Fusion podcast team with Beverley Lee and Shane Douglas Keene here.

Alyson Faye

Silent Scream by [Alyson Faye] Flashes of Hope by [Anna Taborska, Dave Jeffery, Amy Grech, Matthew Davis, John Cady, Emma Lee, Gwen Weir, Ken Goldman, Alyson Faye, Theresa Derwin] Daughters of Darkness by [Stephanie Ellis, Alyson Faye, Theresa Derwin, Ruschelle Dillon] Daughters of Darkness II by [Beverley Lee, Lynn Love, Catherine McCarthy, T.C. Parker, Stephanie Ellis, Alyson Faye]

Online: Sylvia Magazine, The Casket of Fictional Delights, Page and Spine, The Sirens Call zine.

Upcoming: Space and Time Magazine


Alyson Faye works as a fiction editor and proofreader for Bridge House Publishing. Recent projects have included :- Days Pass Like a Shadow by Paula R.C.Readman; and award winning writer, Steve Wade’s collection. She also writes under the name Alyson Faye

For more information about her editing services, you can find her here @AlysonFaye2 and [email protected]

Angelique Fawns

The Guide of all Guides: Where to submit your speculative short stories (Selling Stories Book 1) by [Angelique Fawns]

Podcast: Read Me a Nightmare.

Upcoming publications: Dark Dispatch December edition. Last Girls Club Roaring 90s issue.

Find out more about Angelique Fawns here.

Horror Tree!

Trembling With Fear: Year 4 by [Stuart Conover, Stephanie Ellis] Trembling With Fear: More Tales From The Tree: Volume 3 by [Stuart Conover, Stephanie Ellis, Catherine Kenwell] Trembling With Fear: Serial Killers: Volume 2 by [Stuart Conover, Stephanie Ellis, Catherine Kenwell]

Catherine Thole Jordan

Catherine Jordan, a published novelist, editor, and writer within various disciplines, has been featured in various anthologies and online publications. She served as an award judge, and facilitates writing courses and critique groups. Presently, she volunteers as the review coordinator for, the email announcement manager for the HWA, and is a writing mentor for the HWA (with four mentees under her belt who have gone on to greater writing and publication!).

She edits dark fiction and horror shorts as well as novellas/novels. Her services focus on the whole story, including grammar, structure, voice, consistency, and tone. For this service, she charges a modest one cent per word. If she cannot help you, she will refer you to someone who can, someone reputable who also charges a modest fee and provides great work. For more details and to discuss your project, please email [email protected]. Visit her website

Amazon author page here.

Ken MacGregor

Ken MacGregor amazon author page here.

Melody E. McIntyre

Festival of Fear: Under the Big Top Drabbles 1 by [Black Ink Fiction, Alison Kaiser, Alma Sinan, Andrew Kurtz, Andy Clark, Ashleigh Cattermole-Crump, B.A. Nielsen, B.R. Turnage, Bernardo Villela, Beth W. Patterson, BF Vega, Birgit K Gaiser, Brieanne OReilly, Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer, Chisto Healy, Christopher T. Dabrowski, Connie Millard, Daniel Ausema, David Green, David Owain Hughes, David Staiger, Dawn DeBraal, Destiny Eve Pifer, Dorian J. Sinnott, Doug Hawley, E.N. Dawson, Emma K. Leadley, Emma Kathryn, G. J. Dunn, Gabriella Balcom, Gary Kruse, Gary McDonough, Hari Navarro, Hastings Kidd, Ingrid Thornquest, J.S. Nel, Jacek Wilkos, Jameson Grey, Jim Nemeth, Jodie Francis, Kevin J Kennedy, Kevin McCarty, Kim Plasket, Laura Shenton, M. B. Pedersen, Madeline Mora-Summonte, Maggie D. Brace, Marie Sterling, Matt Krizan, Matthew Pedersen, Meera Dandekar, Melody E. McIntyre, Michelle Brett, Morgan Bennett, N.M. Brown, Nat Whiston, Natasha Sinclair, Nicole Henning, Nyki Blatchley, Olivia Arieti, Patrick Winters, Philip Rogers, Rachel C. Pendragon, Radar DeBoard, Reyna Young, Scarlett Lake, Stephen Johnson, Tiffany Christie, Tom Trussel, Tyson Miller, Zachary Hennis, Brandi Hicks, Shelly Jarvis] Halloween Frights (Holiday Horrors) by [Black Ink Fiction, A.S. Charly, Alexandra Harper, Andrew Kurtz, Bernardo Villela, Birgit Gaiser, Brian J. Smith, Brooke Percy, Bry White, Christopher T. Dabrowski, Dani West, Darlene Holt, Dawn DeBraal, Den Ghostliven, Destiny Eve Pifer, DJ Tyrer, Dorian J. Sinnott, Gabriella Balcom, Gary McDonough, Gay D. Alson, Guy Risessen, Jacek Wilkos, Jade Wildy, James S. Austin, Jameson Grey, Jeff Fields McCormack, Brandi Hicks, Shelly Jarvis] Reaperman: Drabbles 3 (Legends of Night) by [Black Ink Fiction, Brandi Hicks, Shelly Jarvis, A.S. Charly, Alex Minns, Amanda Arab, Andrew Kurtz, Ashleigh Cattermole-Crump, B. Frederick Foley, B.A. Nielson, Belinda Brady, Bill Bibo, Birgit Gaiser, Brieanne O'Reilly, C. Dan Castro, C.E. Stokes, Chisto Healy, Christopher T. Dabrowski, Collin Yeoh, Connie Millard, Connor Sassmannshausen, Dan Allen, David Green, David Owain Hughes, Davion Moore, Dawn DeBraal, Deborah Dubas Groom, Destiny Eve Pifer, Dorian J. Sinnott, Emma K. Leadley, Fariel Shafee, Gabriella Balcom, Gary McDonough, Gary Rubidge, Hari Navarro, Hillary Lyon, Isaac Menuza, J.S Nel, Jacek Wilkos, Jamie Blyth, Jennifer Kirwan, Jodi Jensen, Jodie Angell, Jodie Francis, Keith Burdon, Kevin EC Curdgel, Kevin Kennedy, Lana Trick, Laura Shenton, Leanbh Pearson, M.B. Pedersen, Maggie D. Brace, Mark N. Drake, Mark Rankin, Matthew Spence, McKenzie Richardson, Meera Dandekar, Melody E. McIntyre, N.M. Brown, Natasha Sinclair, Nick Watts, Nicole Henning, Olivia Arieti, Patrick Winters, Philip Rogers, R. A. Goli, Rachel C. Pendragon, Radar DeBoard, Renata Pavrey, Reyna Young, Rich Rurshell, Robert Allen Lupton, Sam Lesek, Scott McGregor, Shania Hayhoe, Soren Ringh, Stephen Herczeg, Stephen Johnson, Steven Holding, Thomas Sturgeon Jr., Tiffany Christie, Tony Logan, Zachary Hennis] Rock Band: An Anthology of Music-Inspired Dark Microfiction (Hundred Word Horror) by [A.R. Ward, Scarlett Lake, Jacqueline Mitchell, Emma Kathryn, Alexis DuBon, Andrew McDonald, Anna Orridge, Tonia Markou, Marc Sorondo, Birgit K. Gaiser, Caitlin Marceau, Cara Mast, Charles E.P. Murphy, Vivian Kasley, Connie Millard, Colin Leonard, Carys Crossen, James Dick, Janine Pipe, Gus Wood, Gary Kruse, R.J. Joseph, Isaac Menuza, Jen Frankel, Justin Terry, J.R. Handfield, Katie Young, K.J. Watson, Laura Shenton, Bill Hughes, Eleanor Luke, Kim Mannix, Marie McWilliams, Mario Aliberto III, Mary Rajotte, Jameson Grey, Meera Dandekar, Patrick Barb, Petina Strohmer, Renata Pavrey, M.M. MacLeod, Ryan Fay, Stephen Daultrey, Sheri White, Gillian Duff, Guy Riessen, David Fey, Vashelle Nino, Patrick Whitehurst, Warren Benedetto, Dale Parnell, Clarabelle Miray Fields, Nikki R. Leigh, Alice J. Black, April Yates, Cameron Phillips, Christopher Wood, Collin Yeoh, Dorian J. Sinnott, D.K. Lawhorn, Maxwell Marais, Greggore Shepherd, Holden Zuras, Leon Lavender, Iliana Coleman, Jessica Wilcox, J.C. Robinson, Joe Haward, Julian Stuart, K.M. Bennett, K.A. Schultz, Kristin Cleaveland, Laura Keating, Waverly X. Night, Melody E. McIntyre, Monique Asher, Patrick Winters, Richard Martin, Benjamin Langley, S.J. Townend, Steve Neal, T.L. Beeding, Micah Castle, Toshiya Kamei, Sean Reardon, Hazel Ragaire]

Summer Terrors (Holiday Horrors) by [Black Ink Fiction, A.S. Charly, Alex Avery, Alexandra Harper, Andrew Kurtz, Bernardo Villela, Brieanne O'Reilly, Bry White, Catherine Calvin, Chisto Healy, Cory Rubidge, Dale Parnell, David Green, Dawn DeBraal, Destiny Eve Pifer, DJ Elton, Dorian J. Sinnott, Evan Baughfman, Gabriella Balcom, Gary Rubidge, Helen Picariello, J.S. Nel, Jade Wildy, Jennifer Kirwan, Jodie Francis, K.B. Elijah, Kevin Hopson, Lamont A. Turner, Laura Shenton, Leanbh Pearson, Lynne Phillips, M. Lynn Grier, Maggie D. Brace, Meera Dandekar, Melody E McIntyre, Michelle Brett, Monster Smith, Nat Whiston, Natasha Sinclair, Nerisha Kemraj, Nicholas Wilkinson, Olivia Arieti, Patrick Winters, Peter J. Foote, Rachel C. Pendragon, Radar Deboard, Renata Pavrey, Reyna Young, Scott McGregor, Stephen Herczeg, Stephen Johnson, Wondra Vanian, Brandi Hicks , Shelly Jarvis] Bloodlust: Dark Criminal Romance (Underground Affliction Book 1) by [Alex Denver] Beneath: An Anthology of Dark Microfiction (Hundred Word Horror) by [A.R. Ward, A. Whittenberg, Aaron E. Lee, Alexis DuBon, Andrew McDonald, Anna Sanderson, Annabel Record, Antonia Rachel Ward, April Yates, Austrian Spencer, Brianna Malotke, Caitlin Marceau, Cara Mast, Carys Crossen, Caytlyn Brooke, Claire Hunter, Claire Loader, Clay F. Johnson, Colin Leonard, Dale Parnell, David Fey, Dee Grimes, doungjai gam, .M. Alores, Edward Brock, Eilidh Spence, Elford Alley, Emma K, Emma Kathryn, Emma Murray, Eric Raglin, Erin M. Brady, Evelyn Freeling, Ezekiel Kincaid, Fusako Ohki, Gabbie Frulla,, Georgia Cook, Gus Wood, Hazel Ragaire, Helen M. Merrick, Isaac Menuza, J.C. Robinson, J.J. Kīmmorist,, J.R. Handfield, Jameson Grey, Jeremiah Dylan Cook, Jessica Wilcox, Joe Scipione, Josh Sippie, Julia Ross, Julie Sevens, Kati Lokadottir, Katie Young, Keely O'Shaughnessy, Kevin Skirrow, Kirin Sasa, Kristin Cleaveland, Laura Keating, Laura Nettles, Laura Shenton, Laurence Sullivan, Lily Tupa, Lyndsey Croal, M.M. MacLeod, Matthew Barron, Meera Dandekar, Melody E. McIntyre, Micah Castle,, Michelle Mellon, Mike Murphy, Nerisha Kemraj, Nicola Kapron, Nicole M. Wolverton, Paige Johnson, Patrick Whitehurst, Patrick Winters, Petina Strohmer, R.J. Joseph, Robyn Pritzker, Ryan B. Green, Sean Reardon, Sheri White, Skye Pagon, Sophie Sadler, Stephen Howard, Tiffany Michelle Brown, Toshiya Kamei, Umiyuri Kasuyama, Vivian Kasley, Yukari Kousaka] Lost Lore and Legends by [David Green, C. Marry Hultman, Derek Power, Tim Mendees, Nick Gerrard, Chris Hewitt, Adam Carpenter]

Supernatural Drabbles of Dread: A Horror Anthology by [Macabre Ladies, Eleanor Merry, Cassandra Angler]

Melody E. McIntyre amazon author page here.

Silvia Canton Rodoni

Stark Naked  Infectious Hope

Find out more about Sylvia Canton Rodoni here and here.

Angeline Trevena

How to Create History: An Author’s Guide to Creating Histories, Myths, and Monsters (Author Guides Book 4) by [Angeline Trevena] Silkwash (Cloudspans Book 1) by [Angeline Trevena] Steadyard (Cloudspans Book 2) by [Angeline Trevena]

Visit Angeline Trevena’s website here.

Happy reading.


 on behalf of Stuart and the Horror Tree Team

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