7 Tips How to Come Up with the Main Characters of Horror Story

7 Tips How to Come Up with the Main Characters of Horror Story


Writing horror stories is way more challenging than making horror movies. The feelings and emotions a horror book or story creates are pretty different from the sensations watching a horror movie gives you. And in a horror story, not only the environment, the sounds, the incredible actions are the ones that could catch the attention of a reader. It is also about the characters, and especially about the main characters of the story. 


They are the ones that initiate some actions, they take part in every event, they go through difficult and challenging situations, and so on. People who read a story or watch a movie live the action along with the main characters, so how you build them is very important. They need to be memorable to be remembered by the audience, so you need to work on crafting the best main characters. How can you do this? Well, here you have seven tips to come up with the main characters of a horror story. 

1. Think About Where Do They Come From 


As expert writers who write college-paper.org reviews say, firstly you need to make the difference between a protagonist and the main character. They are different, and more importantly, they do not overlap with secondary characters. So, the protagonist is the one that takes part in every action and everything in the story revolves around them. On the other hand, the main character is the support of the protagonist. For example, the Harry Potter novels involve pretty much the same characters. The protagonist is, of course, Harry Potter, and the main characters are Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. 


Well, to give essence and value to your main characters of a horror story, you firstly need to think about where they come from. The place the main character comes from is very important because it will help you craft it as well as you can. You can stop upon their beliefs, their personality, what they think about different subjects. The place of provenance can make a character behave in a certain way, so if you decide where your main characters come from, it will be easier to build powerful and memorable ones. 


2. Think About Their Next Moves 


In a horror story, there is always something happening along the way. The story is full of suspense, alarming and frightening events, and moments, so there is always something that takes place. The main characters are usually triggering some of these terrific changes that take place in a horror story, so their next moves or final destination are very important. 


So, after you have thought about where they come from which gives a shape to their personality and motives, think about where they are going next. If you have decided on these, you already have the starting and final points. You need to follow the evolution of the main character throughout the entire horror story. 


3. Define the Drives of the Main Characters 


The next step is to define the drives of the main characters. You know their beliefs and how they behave because they come from a certain place where they learned them. You know where the character is going. And now you need to define the motives, reasons, and drives of the main characters in order to make them believable. Like this, you will surely raise the empathy in your target audience and community because you will make the character believable. 


4. Challenges Along the Road 


Well, the next step in coming up with the main characters of a horror story is to add challenges along the road. You have already decided what the character will be evolving throughout the story, so to make sure you keep the horror factor of the story, you need to add some challenges along the road. No evolution of any character is easy, so you can add that suspense to the story by making the main characters go through challenging moments and situations. 


5. Interaction with Other Characters 


Main characters are defined by you, the author, and by the action they take, their behavior, what they say, and so on. To define the character better, you need to create that interaction with other parts of the story. Every horror story and not only has secondary characters, so visualizing the interaction between them and your main characters will help you come up with better ideas. 


6. Monologues 


You are the one that is visualizing the main characters. You know how they look, what they think, how they behave. But even though you might try to send all these ideas through different writing mechanisms and strategies, you need to allow the reader or the viewer to discover more about your main character. Like this, it will become memorable. You can do this by including internal monologues where the community can catch a glimpse of their opinions, feelings, emotions, motives, and so on as they happen. 


7. Memorable Character Trait 


Well, one of the tricks many horror stories writers use is to give their main characters a memorable trait. The way you craft and build these characters can make your horror story successful or not. This is a nice way to catch the attention of your community and engage them in the story. As soon as you introduce that memorable character trait, the readers or viewers will be hooked. 


Ending Note 


How you come up with the main characters of a horror story is essential because they can make your story successful or not. There are a few tips and tricks you can put to practice that will help you create a memorable main character. Think about where the character is coming from, where they are going, and which are their motives and reasons. Of course, just like any other horror story, the evolution of the main character is not the easiest one and it will go through difficult moments. How they are interacting with other characters, what they are feeling and thinking are some other ways to make your main character memorable. 


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