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Before you scroll down through the books however, please could you consider checking out the ‘Creatives in Crisis’ section. This has been added to help those who need additional support at this time. Thank you!


Hi, my name is Nick Roberts, and I am raising money to help fellow author and family man, Sammy Scott, as he, his wife, and his teenage son navigate his sudden cancer diagnosis.
In the short time since he initially went to the hospital, Sammy has racked up well over $10,000 in medical bills, and they’re only continuing to mount. But I’ll let Sammy tell you in his own words what’s going on and then explain why I am organizing this fundraiser. Here is what Sammy posted on social media:
“Time for some real talk, everyone.
“Without going into a lot of minute details, I have not been feeling well for several weeks. Ten days ago, I was experiencing enough abdominal pain and yellowing of the skin that I went to the hospital, where they admitted me for five days as they ran scans and tests and managed my pain.
“I have been diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma — cancer of the bile ducts of the liver. I will learn more about what stage I am in and what treatment options are available to me later this week. But it is likely quite serious.
“My wife and I are self-employed. We do have health insurance, but we carry a very high deductible and have already experienced a loss of income from when I was in the hospital. We can only assume this financial hardship will continue in some form as I seek treatment and will likely become too ill to work.
“Here is where you can help, and I apologize in advance for appealing to everyone’s sense of graciousness and support. … Thank you all in advance for your thoughts, prayers, and generosity.”
As you can see, Sammy is a private, humble guy, and until now, he’s kept the knowledge of his recent illness limited to his family and close friends. I consider myself lucky to be a part of that crew.
Please check out his collection on the ‘They Slipped Through the Net’ shelf and also his book, BETA, on the September shelf for pre-order. – Steph

‘Bill and Joyce Spangler managed to avoid being hit by the pieces of the Chinese booster rocket that fell to Earth in late 2022. So far, though, that’s all they’ve managed to avoid.

Over the past 18 months, the couple has been pummeled by a string of emergencies too preposterous for fiction. They could only happen in real life.
Bill is a comic book author, science fiction writer and a journalist. He’s perhaps best known for his work on various Robotech comic series, but he has written so much more, including a recent publication in the legendary magazine Weird Tales. Sadly, a genetic disorder, caused by a defect in the gene called PTEN, has caught up to him. PTEN has already claimed the life of his sister Mary. But no one is giving up on Bill. We want him to be around as long as possible.
Bill is facing many serious health problems that are overwhelming his ability to manage day-to-day tasks. He struggles to walk. He’s had many falls and injuries. Joyce does everything she can to help, but she has her own health challenges, such as fibromyalgia and arthritis, which limit what she can do. She works as a school psychologist, but the school year is about to end and she will have to go on unemployment. And these problems were aggravated when they had to replace the dishwasher, the home computer and the boiler that heats their home. (Yes, we’re serious.) She’s overwhelmed. He’s overwhelmed.
They won’t be able to afford the medical tests and procedures, as well as the associated costs to obtain the everyday home health care that Bill now needs. Friends and family have been generous with their help, but he needs someone who can be physically present every day. That requires money to hire professional help.
We’ve set a goal of $10,000 for the drive. According to GoFundMe rules, no raffles, sweepstakes, giveaways, or promotions can be offered in exchange for any donations made. If you can’t afford to give, or even if you can, please share this post. As the British say, every little helps.’

​’From Edgar Allan Poe’s Ragged Mountains to the shores of Tidewater’s Seven Cities… From the blood-soaked battlegrounds of the Civil War to the shadowy political arena of the D.C. Beltway… We have four hundred years’ worth of ghost stories, folk horrors, small-town terrors, urban legends, backwoods beasts, otherworldly secrets, and down-home Southern Gothic. Within this idyllic landscape, there are many dark corners. Within these pages, Virginia authors explore twenty-three dangerous destinations, myths, and monsters from the Commonwealth’s past, present, and future. Read on, if you dare.

Dark Corners of the Old Dominion is a collaborative project by several Virginia authors including Joesph Maddrey, Michael Rook, Dr. Querus AbuttuBryan Nowak, Dee Southerland, D. Alexander Ward, and Red Lagoe.

Every author in this anthology has strong ties to Virginia and it is clear in the stories and poems they’ve created. They are steeped in the salty waters of the Chesapeake Bay, pulsing with the thrum of the beltway, and bleeding from old battlefield scars.

Each story and poem was donated by the individual authors, and all proceeds from sales will go to Scares That Care.’

For the marginalized and oppressed, the expression of dread varies greatly. There has been no safer place than art to communicate such powerful thoughts and feelings. And never have these voices been so embraced as in the horror genre. Hence, the existence of this important book—We’re Here: An Anthology of LGBTQ+ Horror. Comprised of twelve stories, We’re Here boldly speaks its mind, presents old and new horrors, and celebrates the beautiful spectrum of otherness. Even in fiction, we live our truths.

Contributing authors:
Judith Sonnet, Hailey Piper, Angelique Jordonna, Sumiko Saulson, Michael R. Collins, Pippa Bailey, Ruth Anna Evans, Evan J. Peterson, Dan B. Fierce, James Lefebure, Anton Cancre, Jason LaVelle

All proceeds go to The Trevor Project.

Three horrific stories of crop-killing fungal outbreaks, ancient sources of sustenance, and a ravishing hunger for which there is no cure.

“The Last Slaughter” by Douglas Ford

“Cat Food” by Holly Rae Garcia

“Rock of Ages” by Rebecca Rowland

“Being constantly hungry can make a person desperate. These three authors explore what horrors could transpire in a society where everyone is hungry all the time – an all too real possibility given the climate crisis the world is grappling with.” -Bev Vincent, author of Stephen King: A Complete Exploration of His Work, Life, and Influences.

All proceeds benefit Texas food banks.

Not an anthology but a variety of things offered in order to support the Pixel Project in its campaign against violence against women. This particular spot is via the ever-wonderful and supportive, Angela Yuriko Smith. Check out what she is offering for a donation.

‘Please share if you can. Read For Pixels is getting hit hard in the moneys. There are all levels of awards, but $250 gets someone a talk show spot, written interview, audio podcast and a BONUS full page ad in Space and Time (magazine). Transferrable.’ – Angela Yuriko Smith.

Click the image for more info!

Terrified, desperate, and rebellious—before 1973, those were routine reactions for anyone trapped and in trouble. Access to reproductive health care has been chipped away for decades until a single decision once again mired a new generation in historic trauma and modern repression.

The voices of In Trouble explore the fantastic and ordinary ways lives are overturned by unplanned or unexpected arrivals.

This collection aims forward, delivering stories of radical agency and fierce self-direction, challenging the world of legally imposed vulnerability, exploited futures, and oppressive structures that have become so painfully real.

In Trouble is a vivid examination of power and self-determination.

The editors will donate 100% of net proceeds to benefit the National Network of Abortion Funds.

Yes, 2022 has passed but any charity books out in December which were missed are included in the 2023 shelves for fairness’ sake.

‘Twas the fright before Christmas,
nightmares fill my head,
the creatures, they’re a-prowling
’til everyone is dead…

Welcome back to Deathlehem, where…

…a stranger grants a grieving father’s Christmas wish…
…charitable acts are purely self-serving…
…a man plans his last Christmas in a post-apocalyptic world…
…a serial killer targets the wrong victim…
…sometimes it’s better not to go home for the holidays…
…and more!

Seventeen more tales of holiday horrors to benefit The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Bodily transformation. Possession of the body. Forced disembodiment. A baby consumes its mother in utero. Unrealistic postpartum expectations turn deadly. A witch avenges the voiceless. These 16 original horror stories explore the ownership and control—or lack thereof—that we have over our bodies.

All profits from this anthology go to National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) to support reproductive freedom, access to birth control and abortion care, paid parental leave, and protection from pregnancy discrimination.

*All Horror Tree sponsors are able to claim a free spot at the top of our listing during the donation of their sponsorship. The book blurb/synopsis can also be displayed. Please use our contact form for more advertising pricing. This section is also available to supporters of Horror Tree, ie patrons and staff, as a thank you!

Please also see gofundme above.

‘Exploring both the natural and the supernatural, the alien and the ghostly, the chilling and the horrific, these fourteen diversions first root themselves in the mundanity of everyday life before extending their branches into the very things and ideas that terrify us all. In At Home with the Horrors, Scott brings the nightmares to the one place where we should all feel the safest, and when it comes to horror, he proves that grief, loss, and guilt can be just as terrifying as ghosts and goblins.’

“Sammy Scott cements his status as a rising voice in horror fiction, and an author to watch—and to fear—in the genre.” — Ronald Malfi, bestselling author of Come with Me


Cover_Lore of Dreams_Colleen Anderson Scattered Thoughts: Volume III by [Jeff Oliver]

Short Story Collections

Wound of the West It Haunts the Mind: and Other Stories by [Nick Roberts, Crystal Lake Publishing, Crystal Lake Audio] Like Smoke, Like Light: Stories by [Yukimi Ogawa, Paula Arwen Owen, Francesca Forrest]
Version 4.jpeg HorrorScope: A Zodiac Anthology, Volume 2 by [H. Everend, Briana Morgan, R.E. Sohl, Hayley Anderton, Wesley Winters, Shantel Brunton, Wendy Dalrymple, Brooklynn Dean] With a Voice The Halloween Grindhouse
Beyond Dimensional Veils Autumn in the Abyss Redux by [John Claude Smith]

Anthologies (inc. non-fiction)

The Science Fictionary: A Dictionary of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror by [Robert W. Bly, Crystal Lake Publishing] Inside the Indie Horror World by [Kevin J. Kennedy, Ann Keeran, S.E. England, Simon Clark, Mercedes M. Yardley, Mark Lukens, John Everson, Chad Lutzke, Tom Deady, Steve Stred, James R Russell, Robert Essig, RE. Sargent, Patrick R. McDonough, Nick Roberts, Natasha Sinclair, Mark Towse, Mark Allan Gunnells, Lee McGeorge, Kenzie Jennings, John R. Little, John Durgin, John Boden, Joe Mynhardt, Jim Ody, Jay Bower, Gage Greenwood, Eric J. Guignard, Christina Bergling, Candace Nola, Brian Moreland, Brennan Lafaro, Ash Ericmore, Alex Laybourne, Adam Millard, David Moody] Razor Blade in the Fun-Size Candy: A Horror Comedy Anthology by [Jeff Strand, Nikki Nelson-Hicks, RJ Benetti, Christine Morgan, Damien Casey, Kyra Torres, Tony Evans, Michael Rose, Nikolas Robinson, Paul Lubaczewski] Fall into the Abyss: Weird Fiction and Cosmic Horror by [Aditya Deshmukh]
We're Here: An Anthology of LGBTQ+ Horror by [various authors, Judith Sonnet, Hailey Piper, Angelique Jordonna, Ruth Anna Evans, Michael R. Collins, Evan J. Peterson, Pippa Bailey, Sumiko Saulson, Anton Cancre] From Here to There: Seven stories across time, space, and reality (Far, Far Away Book 2) by [Justine Alley Dowsett] Les Petites Morts: An Anthology of Dark Fairy Tales and Folklore by [Evelyn Freeling] R is for Revenge (A to Z of Horror Book 18) by [Josh Schlossberg, Jeamus Wilkes, Bob Johnston, Suleyman Anadol, Erica L. Tenney, Christopher Pate, Roger Lime, Malina Douglas, J.C. Michael, P.J. Blakey-Novis] The Hideous Book of Hidden Horrors by [Doug Murano, Josh Malerman, Sarah Read, Zoje Stage, Andy Davidson, Hailey Piper, Cynthia Pelayo, Gabino Iglesias, Lee Murray, Josh Ruben]
Unspeakable Horror 3: Dark Rainbow Rising by [Paul Tremblay, Eric LaRocca, Lucy A. Snyder, Hailey Piper, J. Daniel Stone, Maxwell I. Gold, Carmilla Voiez, Amanda M. Blake, Crystal Lake Publishing, Helder Chad, L. Reyes Mathew, Thayer A.P. , Yah Scholfield Yah, Nash Oliver, Lyn Walrath Holly, Cato James, Rosenberg Zachary, Blain-Hartung Matthew, Meijer Maryse, Kovar Vincent, Inglis CG, Laurance Gidney Craig, Coxon Dan, Tremblay Kaitlin, Thomas Ford Michael, Brownlie Craig, Tantlinger Sara, Vince A. Liaguno] This Fresh Hell

Novels and Novellas

9781955904278_FC.jpg Eternal Darkness by [Tom Deady, Crystal Lake Publishing] Untamed Night: Night Order Dark Fantasy Series Book Two by [Rachael Boucker]
Image Runaway: Poppet Cycle, Book 2 by [Donna J.W. Munro] The First Time I Saw Her by [Jae Mazer] Ghosted by [Emma Kathryn, Fiona Shuman, Nicholas Switalski, Shannon Marks, Madison Newman, Kayley Kuo, Lisa Wood, Gen Z Publishing]
Image Djinn: a War on Terror supernatural thriller by [Craig DiLouie] Evil Whispers, by Owl Goingback
They Come From the Water (Florida Gothic) by [Wendy Dalrymple] Our Love Will Devour Us
The Longest Summer hi res.jpg Artificial Selection: Book One of the Daemon Progeny Trilogy by [Danielle Kaheaku] Black Rose Image
PUNISHING THE INNOCENT: Book Three of the Nuru and his Crows series by [Joy Mutter] Senior Class: A Raventree Hollow Story (A Machete & Quill Horror) by [Ryan Hoyt]Short Story


Short Story Collections

Love the Sinner by [Mo Moshaty, Elle Turpitt, Carey Oxler, Stephanie Ellis] Head Games: A Collection of Short Horror, Science Fiction, Weird, and Unusual Stories (Strange Stories for Peculiar People) by [K.G. Lewis, Velox Books] The Ecstasy of Agony cover hi res.jpg Back Roads and Frontal Lobes, by Brady Allen
Apprehension: a collection of nightmares by [Justin Hamelin] Picture


Tales from the Clergy: Stories Inspired by Ghost by [Mark C. Scioneaux, A Nameless Editor] Midnight Under the Big Top: Tales of Madness, Murder, and Magic by [Stephen King, Cemetery Dance Publications, Brian Freeman] The Second Black Beacon Book of Mystery (The Black Beacon Books of Mystery) by [Cameron Trost, Dave Duncan, Karen Keeley, Josh Pachter, Edward Lodi, F. K. Restrepo, E. E. King, Yvonne Ventresca, Maggie King, Joseph S. Walker] Eldritch Investigations: Lovecraftian Tales of Occult Detection by [Tim Mendees, C.T. Phipps, Simon Bleaken]

Novels and Novellas

Image The Morass: Servant of the Fly God by [Zachary Ashford, Crystal Lake Publishing]
Popsicle The Belladonna Invitation by [Rose Biggin]
Country Roads by [Colin Leonard, Elizabeth Leggett, Elle Turpitt, Stephanie Ellis] Skin Grows Over by [Lucy Elizabeth Allan] 9781955904759_FC.jpg I'm Having Regrets by [Caitlin Marceau]
The Lodge: A Horror Novel by [Jeremy Eads, Wicked House Publishing] Six Days, by Kelli Owen Our sister company, Out-of-This-World Press is releasing a killer new novel. A Red Winter in the West, by C. S. Humble
Hysteria: Lolly & Lady Vanity by [Ali Seay]



Short Story Collections (inc. non-fiction work)

1st 4th 8th 9th
Back Roads and Frontal Lobes by [Brady Allen, Cemetery Dance Publications]

101 Horror Books to Read Before You're Murdered - Hartmann, Sadie

 11th 13th 21st 22nd
An Unholy Triquetra: Celtic Fairy Tales (Dark Tide Mysteries and Thrillers Book 9) by [Jason Parent, William Meikle, Curtis M. Lawson, Crystal Lake Publishing] Not A Good Fit At This Time by [Adam Hulse, Sarah Huntington] Image



2nd 3rd   15th  17th
Saltwater Sorrows by [Rhonda Parrish, Laura VanArendonkBaugh, Jennifer R. Donohue, Adria Laycraft, Sarah Van Goethem, Catherine MacLeod, E.E. King, V.F. LeSann, Paul A. Hamilton, Morgan Melhuish] The Encyclopocalypse of Legends and Lore: Volume One by [Stephanie Ellis, Ross Jeffery, R. J. Joseph, Rayne King, Brennan Lafaro, Tim Meyer, Mo Moshaty, Bret Nelson, Mocha Pennington, Stephanie Rabig, Judith Sonnet, Markus J. Williams, Ken Winkler, Janine Pipe] Shallow Waters Vol.9: A Flash Fiction Anthology (A Series of Supernatural Stories Book 11) by [Crystal Lake Publishing, Tom Deady, Jay Bechtol, Francesca Maria, Gregg Stewart, Diana Olney, Maxwell Marais, Naching T. Kassa, Amanda M. Blake, Claire Davon, Andrew Martin Robinson, K. J. Shepherd, Evan Bond, Jim Horlock, Derek Clendening, Jonah Buck]
18th 21st 25th 29th   YA  
Image WITCH WIZARD WARLOCK by [Robert Lupton, Josh Strossberg, Dwain Campbell, Dr. Ayman Cole, Lawrence Dagstine, Ann Solindky, AE Stueve, Seth Lindbert, David  Morris, Carol McConnell] The Dead Shall Rise: Zombie Zombie Zombie (Dark Tide Mysteries and Thrillers Book 10) by [Armand Rosamilia, Jay Wilburn, Erin Louis, Crystal Lake Publishing] Night of the Living Queers: 13 Tales of Terror & Delight - Montalban, Vanessa  

Novels and Novellas

1st     2nd 3rd
Cover of Cat Voleur's novella Revenge Arc, showing a pair of disembodied, red lips sucking on the vein of a woodcut-esque heart, framed by the words 'Revenge Arc' and an ornate red border. Dehiscent by [Ashley Deng, Ivy Teas, Alex Woodroe] Lacuna's Point by [Tim Meyer, DarkLit Press] THE WILD FALL OFFICIAL COVER 300dpi.jpg
8th   10th   11th
Mosaic by [Catherine McCarthy] The Vein Image
15th     21st YA 21st
Her Teeth, Like Waves by [Nikki R. Leigh] The Local Truth: White Harbor: Book 1 by [Carlos E. Rivera] Walking Shadow (A Stone/Darke Mystery Book 1) by [Mickey Lewis] Dark Visitations (Feral Rebirth) by [Alison Armstrong] Electric Blue
24th 25th 27th 29th TBA
FAULT by [Lumen Reese] What Happened at Hawthorne House by [Hadassah Shiradski, Stephanie Ellis] I'm Having Regrets by [Caitlin Marceau] safe_place_cover_wip2 Bad Moon Rising, by Luisa Colon
    Re-release  Short Story Short Story
Pitfall (Paperback Edition) Pale Winter Sun by [Michael R Collins] Butterscotch: A Raventree Hollow Story (A Machete & Quill Horror) by [Ryan Hoyt]



4th TBA
anOther Mythology: Poems by [Maxwell I. Gold]

Short Story Collections

12th 23rd TBA
You Only Live Once: Signed and Numbered Edition


8th 19th 26th
Wilted Pages: An Anthology of Dark Academia by [Ai Jiang, Christi Nogle, Gabino Iglesias, Premee Mohamed, Suzan Palumbo, John Langan, R.J. Joseph, R.B. Lemberg, Jo Kaplan, Steve Rasnic Tem] Never Whistle at Night: An Indigenous Dark Fiction Anthology by [Shane Hawk, Theodore C. Van Alst] Hot Iron and Cold Blood: An Anthology of the Weird West by [Jeff Strand, David J. Schow, Jill Girardi, Ronald Kelly, Jesse Allen Champion, Drew Huff, Vivian Kasley, Edward Lee, Patrick R. McDonough, L.M. Labat, Joe R. Lansdale, Brennan LaFaro, Owl Goingback, Kenzie Jennings, Wile E. Young, Briana Morgan, R.J. Joseph]

Novels and Novellas

The Promis of Plague Wolves-Coy Hall The Night Prophets, by Paul F. Olson The Devil Device by [Dave Jeffery] BETA: A Technological Nightmare by [Sammy Scott]
12th 19th 22nd
Ignore the Dead: an existential horror by [Jay Sizemore] THE EERIE BROTHERS and THE WITCHES OF AUTUMN by [Sheldon Higdon, Florian Garbay, Cin Ferguson, Broos Campbell]
The Dead Pennies, by Robert Ford May be an image of text that says "WE S የ ALL DIE EVENTUALLY TERRY TE MILLER"



Blood and Verse        

Short Story Collections

10th TBA
Root Rot & Other Grim Tales by [Sarah Read] Picture

Anthologies (including non-fiction)

1st 15th 17th 24th 31st
Remains to be Told: Dark Tales of Aotearoa edited by Lee Murray Morbidologies by [John F.D. Taff and Shane D. Keene, John F.D. Taff, Shane D. Keene]

Novels and Novellas

3rd 10th 13th
Image House of Bad Memories by [Michael David Wilson]
23rd TBA
Through a Glass, Darkly, by W. H. Hussey That Night in the Woods, by Kristopher Triana

Novels and Novellas

14th 21st 28th TBA
Winter Harvest by [Ioanna Papadopoulou] The Cartoon Life and Loves of a Stupid Man by [Marc Joan] Smoke, in Crimson, by Greg F. Gifune

Short Story Collections


Anthologies (including non-fiction)

Strange Tales of Terror, edited by Eugene Johnson

Novels and Novellas

1st TBA
But A Dream by [Caitlin Marceau] The Plastic Priest, by Nicole Cushing

Note: These shelves are very much ‘reminders’ of the magazines that are out there, so the covers might not change too often! Please let me know if there are magazines, journals, periodicals we are not aware of.

‘The Devil Take You beckons you into a chilling medieval realm, a collection of 14 macabre tales entrenched in the aftermath of Rome’s departure.

The Devil Take You features stories by Coy Hall, Anya Leigh Josephs, Benedict Anning, Phil Keeling, Brent Salish, Amanda M. Blake, Stephanie Ellis, R.T.  Wenzel, Morgan Melhuish, Gerald Jensen, Justin Fillmore, D. Thomas Minton, and Brian Crenshaw.

With an additional story by C.L. Werner upon the reaching of our stretch goals!

You can read more about the stories HERE.’

Currently included for stretch goal purposes!

‘A long time ago there was an author who eventually became known as the “Father of Cosmic Horror and Weird Fiction.” That man was Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and his stories inspired generations of writers. Unfortunately, time and distance have revealed a darker bent to his works, one steeped in “-isms”: racism, sexism, ableism…to the point of xenophobia. For many horror writers, particularly ones of marginalized groups, this is a sticking point. How can you like and/or support something so steeped in these horrible beliefs? Recently, marginalized authors have worked hard to try and bring diversity and modern sensibilities to Lovecraft’s legacy, and Beyond the Bounds of Infinity seeks to continue that trend.

Published by Raw Dog Screaming Press, and edited by author Vaughn A. Jackson (Touched by Shadows, Up from the Deep) and HWA Maryland Chapter chair Stephanie Pearre, Beyond the Bounds of Infinity will be an anthology of cosmic horror and weird fiction populated with stories written entirely by people from marginalized groups. Of our planned 15-16 stories, at least 10 stories will be chosen by a submission based process, while the rest will be requested from specific contributors. The goal we have is to further aid in the reclamation of a genre from its hate-tinged roots by approaching it from a diverse perspective. Essentially, we want to bring forth stories that would make H.P. Lovecraft roll over in his grave.’

‘BE WARNED. These pages may contain haunted cafetoriums, the teacher’s real pet, PTA ritual performances, late-night study hall phantoms, and perhaps the straight-up horror of high school. As StokerCon revealed a high percentage of horror authors are also teachers. We wanted to explore this phenomenon while creating a spooky to downright terror to read.

Therefore all contributing authors have worked in schools in various positions. And since we know they’re not paid nearly enough, this Kickstarter is to make sure they get professional rates for this project.

We’ve solicited stories from former StokerCon guests (more will be added as they sign on) and will open the anthology to submissions too. We hope to bring you an ebook anthology in the summer of 2024.

Of course, we need your help to make this happen.  We’ll be paying authors, cover designers, copy editors, and other essential positions because we believe in paying the artists for their work.’

My name is David Antrobus, my collective editing services fall under the business name of Be Write There, and I’m a freelance editor (and writer). I work with most genres, especially speculative and crime fiction, and I’m experienced in a range of editing levels, from developmental editing to stylistic/substantive editing to copyediting to proofreading. I also do manuscript evaluations. As a dual citizen of Canada and the UK who works largely with American writers, I am proficient at editing US, UK, and Canadian English. My email is [email protected] and my website is:

Rich Handley has had an extensive background in the industry (see below AND visit his website). After recent redundancy, he is turning freelance. If you have any editing needs, please contact him via his website. Alternatively, he can be found on Rich Handley | LinkedIn, Facebook

Rich Handley has written, co-written, co-edited, or contributed to dozens of books, both fiction and non-fiction, about Planet of the Apes, Watchmen, Back to the Future, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Hellblazer, Swamp Thing, Stargate, Dark Shadows, The X-Files, Twin Peaks, Red Dwarf, Blade Runner, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Batman, the Joker, classic monsters, and more. He has also been a magazine writer and editor for nearly three decades. Rich edited Eaglemoss’s Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection, and he currently writes articles for Titan’s Star Trek Explorer magazine, as well as books for an as-yet-unannounced role-playing game. Learn more about Rich and his work at

‘Edit Without Mercy assists you with all your editing needs – at an affordable price! Whether you require simple proof-reading for a short story or article, or more comprehensive proof-reading and editing for articles, essays, blogs, academic work, or junior fiction, Edit Without Mercy has the resources you need to ensure readable, error-free content. This also includes promotional material and marketing campaigns. As mentioned on the services page, while Claire will edit short fiction, she is only editing junior novel-length fiction at this time.

Edit Without Mercy is operated by Claire Fitzpatrick, a communications specialist, award-winning speculative fiction and non-fiction author, freelance journalist, and editor. She currently works alongside IFWG Publishing editing their middle grade fiction. Click the image for further information.

Happy reading.


 on behalf of Stuart and the Horror Tree Team


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