March 2023: Tarot Cards for Creative Inspiration

Tired of the daily grind at your workplace? Planning an exciting Spring Break getaway? Perhaps this month’s set of writerly inspirations will also help you appreciate the mundane security of your day job–especially if you finally garner that big promotion!

Character: King of Pentacles and V The Hierophant. This character is someone who has led a very stable and secure existence. They have worked hard, and their life has gone according to plan. While it’s true that they are financially stable, it could be said their life lacks both adventure and excitement. But this character doesn’t feel like they’ve missed out on anything; they are content with their life, and the strong ties they have built in their community makes them feel even more fulfilled. They are also largely optimistic, but may feel irked or depressed during those rare occurrences when circumstances don’t turn out like they had hoped. They may be angered when an employee suddenly quits, or they become depressed when their best friend doesn’t show up for their weekly meet-up at the local coffee shop.

Setting: Three of Pentacles and Four of Cups (Reversed). The main character has received a letter informing them that their hard work and achievements are being recognized in their field. While this character typically avoids the spotlight, they were expecting this acknowledgement—it’s all part of the character’s life plan, remember? Although this character rarely displays their inner emotions, they are excited, and even a tad bit nervous, to appear as a guest of honor at the upscale event being held at the home of one of the organization’s sponsors. For the first time in their memory, this character is indecisive about what to wear, the speech they have to prepare, and how to act at this event. They feel very outside their comfort zone. They are tempted to stick to their usual routine for a Friday night—streaming movies and ordering pizza—but those things suddenly don’t seem to have the appeal they usually do, so they impulsively send off their RSVP notice.


Theme/Development: Two of Swords (Reversed) and Knight of Swords (Reversed). The main character is dressed impeccably as the invite specified, but they don’t feel any less awkward once they arrive at the residence, which is more lavish and upscale than they imagined. Years of experience in their field has given them the ability to appear composed, but inside they are shaking. The character resists the urge to flee to the washroom after they arrive, and they force themselves to shake hands with the other attendees, and their hosts, hoping their hands aren’t sweating too much. They spy a bar in the corner of the room, and, while they don’t consume alcohol, they decide a drink could help calm their nerves. Once they arrive at the bar, they realize they have no idea what to order. Unexpectedly, a younger person appears at their side, and orders a drink. The attractive newcomer meets the main character’s eyes, and offers to buy them a drink as well. Relieved, the main character realizes they can just say they want the same as the younger person, who, throughout the rest of the evening, keeps them supplied with drinks. They barely remember getting up to make their speech and accept their award, much less leaving the event. All they are aware of is the younger person continually by their side, showering them with attention. With the help of the alcoholic drinks, the main character relaxes their typical control of their emotions, letting themselves become won over by the charm of their new companion.


Conflict/Climax: Ten of Pentacles (Reversed) and Eight of Rods (Reversed). The main character wakes in a strange and unfamiliar location. It’s not clear whether it’s a hotel room or an apartment—all they know is that it’s not their comfortable bed in their cozy ranch-style house. As unrecognizable as the room is, the chaos on the street outside the building makes them want to take shelter back inside. They spot a taxi through the fog, and, even though they still feel quite inebriated, they manage to recall their address. Once there, though, it’s clear that more has changed in their world than just the impetuous encounter with the younger person from the party. Their house doesn’t look the same, their keys don’t work, and, as they shove their keys back into their pocket, they realize their clothes are not the ones they wore to the award event. The secure and stable life they had worked so hard to build seems to have vanished in the space of an evening.


What will the outcome be in your story? What has happened, or will happen, to our main character?

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