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Charity Anthologies


30th Oct 2020 Tales Of The Lost Volume Two- A charity anthology for Covid- 19 Relief: Tales To Get Lost In A CHARITY ANTHOLOGY FOR COVID-19 RELIEF by [Gaiman, Neil,, Hill, Joe,, Johnson, Eugene M,] 31st Jan Flashes of Hope by [Anna Taborska, Dave Jeffery, Amy Grech, Matthew Davis, John Cady, Emma Lee, Gwen Weir, Ken Goldman, Alyson Faye, Theresa Derwin] 9th Feb  

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15th March


14th Hallucinations (Trigger Warning) by [Jane Shipwash, Trisha McKee, Paul McCabe, Reed Alexander, Damascus Mincemeyer, Joe Scipione, Lee Glenwright, Jeremy Megargee, Mark Tulin, Tim Lieder]22nd 23rd Folk Songs for Trauma Surgeons26th One, Two, I See You: Nursery Rhymes for Darker Minds by [Stephanie Ellis]

26th It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Dies by [Dawn Shea, Mark Towse, Tim Mendees, Gary McDonough, Bert Edens, Nathan D. Ludwig, Ruthann Jagge, Heidi Hess, Joe Scipione, John Cady]28th 28th A Baptism for the Dead by [Charles Bernard]


1st 4th May be an image of text that says "HIS OWN DEVICES "A heady. entertaining techno/cyber thriller that feels very now. Don' Don'tletthe play PAUL TREMBLAY, AUTHOR OF SURVIVOR SONG A NOVEL DOUGLAS WYNNE"4th 10th Home & Other Stories: Collection VI by [P.J. Blakey-Novis]

12th 15th 16th 17th Halloween Land: A Coming of Age Novella by [Kevin J. Kennedy]

19th 19th 22nd The Exercise by [Mark West]26th Eidolon Avenue: The Second Feast by [Jonathan Winn, Crystal Lake Publishing]

26th The Devil's Mistress by [David Barclay] 26th The Night Stockers by [Kristopher Triana, Ryan Harding] 26th Nana by [Mark Towse] 28th Scorpio: Speculative Fiction Inspired by the Zodiac (The Zodiac Series) by [Aussie Speculative Fiction, Nikky Lee, Stephen Herczeg, Tee Linden, Mikhaeyla Kopievsky, Sasha Hanton, Helena McAuley, Austin P. Sheehan, Alannah K. Pearson, Neen Cohen]

29th 30th Farallon Island by [Russell James] 30th 30th


3rd Murder and Machinery: Tales of Technological Terror and Mechanical Madness by [Cameron Trost, Paulene Turner, Michael Picco, Sarah Justice, Karen Bayly, Kurt Newton, James Dorr, Linda Brucesmith, Chisto Healy, Danielle Birch] 7th Everything's Annoying: A Collection of Dark Fiction & Horror by [J.C. Michael]10th Taken (Arcadia Book 2) by [Mary Brock Jones]13th From Death Reborn by [Kenneth W. Cain]

13th STERN-web-medium.jpg15th Dispossessed by [Piper Mejia] 15th She Who Rules the Dead by [Maria Abrams]22nd May be an image of text that says "MATTERS MOST MACABRE TYLOR JAMES"

23rd Dark Missives by [Dan Howarth]27th Gulf by [Shelly Campbell] 27th TBA Image


7th Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy by [Hailey Piper] 11th May be an image of text that says "THE CRUCIFIXION EXPERIMENTS FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE JIGSAW MAN GORD ROLLO ROLLO"15th 18th Howls From Hell: A Horror Anthology by [HOWL Society, Shane Hawk, Alex Wolfgang, Christopher O'Halloran, J.W. Donley, Solomon Forse, Amanda DeMel, Lindsey Ragsdale, P.L. McMillan, Grady Hendrix]

25th The Fearing: The Definitive Edition by [John FD Taff, Anthony Rivera, Ray Garton]


1st Malignant Summer by [Tim Meyer] 1st


1st 20th

Support Indie Creatives – Kickstarter Campaigns

‘We are publishing Out of the Darkness, an anthology of dark fantasy and horror fiction raising awareness of mental health issues with Together for Mental Wellbeing. We are looking for £2,500 to help cover the cost of the book.

We’ve got Kickstarter exclusives on offer, including the chance to have your name in the book as part of the amazing community that supports indie publishing, and an exclusive, numbered hardback edition that is strictly limited to 100 copies worldwide. There are also opportunities to have your work critiqued by the award-winning Unsung Stories team, and bundles of books by featured Unsung authors.

Out of the Darkness challenges some of the most exciting voices in horror and dark fantasy to bring their worst fears out into the light. From the black dog of depression to acute anxiety and schizophrenia, these stories prove what fans of horror fiction have long known – that we must understand our demons to overcome them.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, what began as a mental health crisis has rapidly become an unprecedented tsunami. The Centre for Mental Health has estimated that 10 million people will need mental health support in the UK as a direct consequence of Covid-19, with a staggering 1.5 million of those being under eighteen.

Edited by Dan Coxon (This Dreaming Isle) and featuring exclusive stories by Alison Moore, Jenn Ashworth, Tim Major and Aliya Whiteley, this collection harnesses the power of fiction to explore and explain the darkest moments in our lives.

Horror isn’t just about the chills – it’s also about the healing that comes after.’

The Cosmic Courtship – Kickstarter

Project image for The Cosmic Courtship, by Julian HawthorneWhile most are at least somewhat familiar with Nathaniel Hawthorne as one of the great American authors, less well known is that his son,  Julian Hawthorne, was an incredibly prolific writer in his own right. Julian wrote on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from literary analysis of his father’s works to poetry to period romances and adventures. Late in his career, Julian even dabbled in the emerging genre of Science Fiction [Hugo Gernsback had only recently coined the awkward term “Scientifiction” when this story was first published.]

The Cosmic Courtship was serialized in Frank A. Munsey’s All-Story Weekly across four issues, beginning with the November 24, 1917 issue and running through the December 15, 1917 issue. While this story has been in the public domain for some time, it has never been collected or published elsewhere until now.

Cirsova Publishing has partnered with Michael Tierney and Robert Allen Lupton to preserve this story for posterity and ensure that it is not lost to future generations.

Happy reading.


 on behalf of Stuart and the Horror Tree Team


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