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Before we go to the shelves, please check the first item. We all love to read but to read we need writers and here is one who needs us:

‘Mike Davis here. John Langan, Jessica M., and I are fundraising on behalf of Laird Barron.
I think most of you know that Laird has been very sick these past few months. Now he’s in the hospital, and he needs our help. The following is written by John:
I went up to see Laird tonight. He’s finally in a proper hospital room and resting. The results from some of the tests that have been run on him have started to come in, and my dear friend is not in the best of shape. Laird is already receiving care for some of what’s ailing him, and it’s having a positive effect. There are still more tests to be done, though, and more treatment ahead. Indeed, some of it will be ongoing.
He’s still exhausted and not able to talk much.
The big problem now is that Laird is without health insurance. This is because he makes his living solely as a writer. For those of you familiar with the US healthcare system, you know how dire not having insurance in an emergency can be.
A number of you have asked if you can do anything to help Laird out. Right now, this fundraiser is that thing. I know money’s tight, but no amount is too small. If you can spread the word, that’s of equal value. And all the good thoughts, wishes, and prayers have meant and continue to mean a great deal. Thanks.
Mike here: Laird is a private person and I’m trying to convey just how serious this is without revealing too much personal information. Make no mistake: This is very serious, and potentially life-threatening. That said: He needs a bronchoscopy. He has a mass on his lung. His blood sugar numbers are dangerously high. He will need medications as well. These are just a few of the things that will need to be paid for.
We are raising funds for Laird for three reasons:
  • Medical bills (and they will be very high, make no mistake).
  • Health Insurance (his friends are looking into getting him health insurance, if possible)
  • Lost income (Laird has been on a sickbed since September or so. That’s a long time to be unable to work.)
Laird has been very supportive of so many in the horror community. It’s our turn to give back.
And hey: we want more Laird Barron fiction, don’t we? More Isaiah Coleridge, more Barronesque weird fiction and cosmic horror. Right? 🙂
Most of all, he’s a damn good person and a great friend. He’s a horror writer, but ironically, he’s a bright light in a dark world. Let’s make sure he’s around for a long time to come.
Thank you, so much, for donating.
EDIT: A word about the goal amount: We are guessing, but $100,000 is probably on the low side. This could potentially run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. I simply selected the first 6 digit number. But we will know more as the days go on. Thank you so much for helping Laird.’
(photo by Arizona PBS) Click the image to go to this page.

A new year means a new Charity Shelf! If you want to check out those from 2022, you can still do so by clicking on the image (left) and a pdf catalogue appears.




Terrified, desperate, and rebellious—before 1973, those were routine reactions for anyone trapped and in trouble. Access to reproductive health care has been chipped away for decades until a single decision once again mired a new generation in historic trauma and modern repression.

The voices of In Trouble explore the fantastic and ordinary ways lives are overturned by unplanned or unexpected arrivals.

This collection aims forward, delivering stories of radical agency and fierce self-direction, challenging the world of legally imposed vulnerability, exploited futures, and oppressive structures that have become so painfully real.

In Trouble is a vivid examination of power and self-determination.

The editors will donate 100% of net proceeds to benefit the National Network of Abortion Funds.

Yes, 2022 has passed but any charity books out in December which were missed are included in the 2023 shelves for fairness’ sake.

‘Twas the fright before Christmas,
nightmares fill my head,
the creatures, they’re a-prowling
’til everyone is dead…

Welcome back to Deathlehem, where…

…a stranger grants a grieving father’s Christmas wish…
…charitable acts are purely self-serving…
…a man plans his last Christmas in a post-apocalyptic world…
…a serial killer targets the wrong victim…
…sometimes it’s better not to go home for the holidays…
…and more!

Seventeen more tales of holiday horrors to benefit The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Bodily transformation. Possession of the body. Forced disembodiment. A baby consumes its mother in utero. Unrealistic postpartum expectations turn deadly. A witch avenges the voiceless. These 16 original horror stories explore the ownership and control—or lack thereof—that we have over our bodies.

All profits from this anthology go to National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) to support reproductive freedom, access to birth control and abortion care, paid parental leave, and protection from pregnancy discrimination.

*All Horror Tree sponsors are able to claim a free spot at the top of our listing during the donation of their sponsorship. The book blurb/synopsis can also be displayed. Please use our contact form for more advertising pricing.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to (rep)eat it.

A mother and daughter negotiate the Oregon Trail with grisly results; an elementary teacher watches the carnage of The Challenger explosion spill over into her own classroom. A possible prospector traveling west is drawn to an isolated inn where no one walks away hungry; a 1950s housewife shares the gruesome repertoire of behavior expected of a proper lady. Prohibition and women’s suffrage, the Civil War and the Vietnam War, the JFK assassination conspiracy and the Y2K hysteria: the annals of American history are reimagined with a side order of cannibalism by twenty of the biggest names writing horror fiction today.
Forget what you read in the textbooks.
Everything you were taught about the Land of Liberty is about to be history.

With brand new fiction from
Brian Asman, Daniel Braum, V. Castro, Douglas Ford, Jeffrey Ford, Holly Rae Garcia, Owl Goingback, C.V. Hunt, Gwendolyn Kiste, E.V. Knight, Clay McLeod Chapman, Ronald Malfi, Elizabeth Massie, Jeremy Megargee, Bridgett Nelson, Candace Nola, Clint Smith, Jon Steffens, L. Stephenson, and Jeff Strand; Foreword by Wrath James White

Dearly Departed…

…we are gathered here today to witness zombie drag queens terrorize small town gay bars, oversexed Jackalopes challenge sanity, skin dealers sell satiety, vampiric lesbians cure what ails them, possessed Ouija boards and evil puppets haunt fans of the occult, and cult-creating club kids teach the children that anyone can be beautiful, but it takes real talent to be truly sickening.

In this 13-tale collection of dark fiction spanning a decade, Sèphera Girón and Andrew Robertson have selected their favourite frights, including new, previously published and alternate versions of their gravest hits.

Return of the Living Elves by [BRIAN ASMAN, Shelly Lyons]
O is for Outbreak (A to Z of Horror Book 15) by [Josh Schlossberg, Damir Salkovic, Eric Thomas, S.G. Kubrak, Pauline E. Dungate, John Ryland, Carlton Herzog, Lisa Zang, Jonathan Inbody, B.F. Vega]


Wimbledon Common: A charity anthology benefitting The Smith Family Foundation (Dark Themed Children's Stories Book 2) by [Black Hare Press, Jodie Angell, Karen Bayly, Christy Brown, Dawn Burdett, Maggie D. Brace, Tracy Davidson, Dawn DeBraal, D.J. Elton, Megan Feehley, J.W. Garrett, Gabby Gilliam, Rachel Ginsburg, Henry Herz, Kevin Hopson, L.N. Hunter, Isabelle Johnson, Stephen Johnson, Blaise Langlois, Steven Lord, Kayleigh Maddocks, Laura Nettles, Carl Papa Palmer , Leanbh Pearson, Lynne Phillips, Hazel Ragaire, N.E. Rule, A.H. Syme, D.J. Tyrer, S. Jade Path, D. Kershaw, Ben Thomas]
Exist by [Caroline Angel]
Shithole USA by [Mark Zirbel]
The Crows of Smith's Booth by [Ash Hartwell, matthew cash] 3:33 by [Mark Towse] Hares in the Hedgerow (Gardening Guidebooks Trilogy Book 2) by [Jessica McHugh]
The Black Widow by [Louise Worthington] Legends by [Anthony Izzo]    

Monochrome Noir: Book IV: A Drowning Man: A Drowning Man by [Jack Wells]
Dear Diary: Run Like Hell, by James A. Moore
The Hungry Deep (Gothic Folk Book 1) by [J.L. Murray] Clean Fiction: Winter Edition 2022 by [Amy Lynn McConahy, Kelly Barr, Samantha Nelson, Brianna Wilkie, Jessica Bertrand, Kate Willis, Laura A. Grace] Shallow Waters: Special Christmas Edition (A Series of Supernatural Stories Book 10) by [Crystal Lake Publishing, Taylor Grant, William Meikle, Tom Deady, Karen Bayly, Kenneth W. Cain, Anthony D. Redden, Ken MacGregor, Theresa Derwin, Francesca Maria, Anthony D  Redden, Maria Francesca, C. C. Dockins, Vivian  Kasley, Madison McSweeney (author) McSweeney, Trish Wilson, Stephanie Parent, Matt Bliss, Jonathan Hyde, Michael Aaron Harrington, Joseph VanBuren, Joe Mynhardt] This Cold Night by [Erica Schaef, Elizabeth Leggett, Carrie Allison-Rolling, Stephanie Ellis]

Image Wolves Of The Sea by [Edward J. McFadden III] The White by [Matt Micheli]

ALIVE UNDEAD by [Brian Bowyer] 2nd 3rd The White Horse - Harrison, Rebecca 10thFear: Author's Preferred Edition by [Ronald Kelly, Alex McVey]
13thRed Rains Down by [Ryan Harville] Crimson is the Night: A Vampire Novelette by [Beverley Lee, Nicole Eigener] 19thCandles, Bullets, & Dead Skin by [L. Stephenson] Nightwood: All Fairy Tales were History Once (Dark Fantasy set in the Soviet Empire Book 2) by [Elana Gomel, Crystal Lake Publishing] 23rdIn the Scrape by [James Newman, Mark Steensland]
27thThree-Smile Mile : (A Cat and Mouse Crime Thriller) by [Chad Lutzke]      
Madam Tomahawk (A Grifter's Song Book 29) by [Nick Kolakowski] 6th 7thWasps in the Ice Cream - McGregor, Tim
14thIt Doesn't Go Away by [Wendy Dalrymple] 17th Image The Night Begins 21st
1stThe Eater of Gods, by Dan Franklin Sunny Pines, by Glen Krisch, Ray Garton, Bev Vincent, and Kealan Patrick Burke OOZE: Little Bursts of Body Horror by [Ruth Anna Evans, Judith Sonnet, Rowland Bercy Jr.] 2nd Ai Jiang's Smol Tales From Between Worlds (Tales From Between Presents) by [Ai Jiang, Matthew Stott]
3rdEvery Woman Knows This by Laurel Hightower book cover The Trees Grew Because I Bled There: Collected Stories - Larocca, Eric 7th 17thMay be an image of 1 person and text that says "Red Cape Publishing LEAD ME TO THE DARK JAMES TWYMAN" 21stNocturnal Liberation by [Villimey Mist]
23rdThe Sum of Your Flesh by [Beverley Lee] TBA Tales From The Southern Fried Crypt (Book Two) Paperback
Sunny Pines, by Glen Krisch, Ray Garton, Bev VIncent, and Kealan Patrick Burke        
4thLinghunModern gothic ghost novella 11thThe Atonement Bell - Ousley, Jim 18th
QWedyr7G.jpg-small.jpeg  25thNeverest by [T.L. Bodine] This Delicious Death - Cottingham, Kayla  
2ndConjuring the Witch by Jessica Leonard 9thGraveyard of Lost Children by [Katrina Monroe] 11thCitizens of Shadow: A Vampire Tale (Beguiled by Night Book 2) by [Nicole Eigener]
5thEvil Whispers, by Owl Goingback 23rdOur Love Will Devour Us    
3rdThe Vein        
Dark Matter Magazine Issue 010 Jul-Aug 2022 Issue 9 Cover Apex Magazine Issue 132
Jason Barnett Cover Art Book Cover

‘In 2023, we are publishing 10 books and three issues of two different magazines. Via Kickstarter, we are allowing our fellow ghouls to pre-order our line-up for the entire year. We are including exclusive merch and other cool bonuses. Every book pre-ordered through our campaign will also ship with a signed bookplate from the author.

The books will be available in:

  • Paperback: 5×8-inch, matte finish
  • eBook: DRM-free in EPUB, MOBI, & PDF formats
  • Audiobook: [stretch goal feature]

They will be sold via our webstore and distributed everywhere else books are sold.’

Lynn Love

Go to her website Lynn Love is a UK-based editor, mentor and ghost story writer whose short stories and serials have appeared in print and online in The Horror Tree, Inferno anthology by The Infernal Clock, Daughters of Darkness II anthology by Black Angel Press, Writing Magazine, Mslexia and The People’s Friend among others. She’s a reader for Flame Tree Press and London Literary Scouting.

Erin Al-Mehairi

Erin Al-Mehairi at Hook of a Book – Experienced editor of 25+ years. Fiction (most genres), non-fiction, poetry, business/website. Developmental content and copy/line editor both. Proofreading also offered. For more information go to

Michael David Wilson

‘I’m currently open to new clients for editing and writing consultations. If you’re interested in my freelance editing services please drop me a line at [email protected] . I offer two levels of fiction editing and Skype writing consultations.’

Services include: Story Overview, Full In-depth Edit, Skype Writing Consultations.

Go here to find out more :

Ben Long

Writing – Whether you’re looking for fresh blog content, catchy social media copy, or someone to overhaul your brand/site, I would more than happy to help.

Persuasive copywriting, engaging content writing, and everything in between – I love it all.

Editing:  Need someone to correct typos and grammatical mistakes in your manuscript? Looking for help in the developmental structure of your latest story?

Whether you need help editing help in the macro or the micro, I bet my attention to detail and knowledge of writing prowess can help.

Something Else?

I’m ALWAYS open to and looking for opportunities to collaborate! I love working with like-minded people on passion projects that pique my interest. I want motivational partnerships where we can create cool things and everyone wins.

Get in touch with me here:

Claire Fitzpatrick

‘I’ve started a small freelance editing business. It’s called Edit Without Mercy. 🤩 I’m not offering developmental editing for novels at this time, but I will work with short fiction and non-fiction . I’m specialising in:
– Copy Editing
– Content Editing
– Academic Editing
– Proofreading
Feel free to message me or use the contact form if you’re looking for editorial assistance!

Happy reading.


 on behalf of Stuart and the Horror Tree Team


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