Horror Tree’s start of August open Paying Markets for #Writers!

We’re starting August strong and have 4 new paying markets for #authors to enjoy. Things are going well for our new website design as we’ve started off with some speed changes, and our back-end database is already 25% quicker (which is great for working on the site and, hopefully, reading it as well!)

Horror Tree's start of August open Paying Markets for #writers!

The links to the calls that we’re focusing on this week can be found below!

Weird Horror Magazine’s September Window which we’ve listed really early to give you time due to how short the window is

The First Line’s Winter 2022 submission window

Mocha Memoirs Press’s Crack in the Code: Cybernated Stories of Rebellion

Freeze Frame Fiction’s second open call for 2022

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Thanks for joining us all!
– Belinda and the Horror Tree Staff

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