Here’s What We’re Hoping To Grow On The Horror Tree in 2018!

It’s a new dawn

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! We’re only a week into the madness before I kick this post off to each and every one of you! I do apologize, between the holidays, 2 kids, and my birthday being this last weekend things are a bit messy. Still, I wanted to give you a few hints as to how the Horror Tree is going and what we have in store for this year!

First up, I do have to bring it up as I’ve been running this site as a loss since it began and it is getting more expensive each year. We’ve kicked off a Patreon and would be very thankful to any donations, even at the dollar level! If we can get it up to $30 a month (almost a third of the way there at the time of this post) it would mean that the only cost is my time and nothing out of my pocket which would be pretty huge. (Reminder: 2 kids!)

Okay, begging is over. I’m really not trying to overdo it.

It’s a new day

So, we’ve got a few things growing. The very first of which that you will likely notice is that we are planning on expanding into book reviews! Ideally, anthology reviews but books in general. One of our current interviewers is looking to coordinate it and now that my time will somewhat stabilize after the holidays we’re going to discuss things. If you would like to contribute reviews or are open to reviewing books please reach out through our contact page!

Oh, and anyone interested in doing interviews, please reach out as well! We’ve got a few more interviewer positions that we’d love to fill.

Next up, ‘Trembling With Fear’! We’ve got a few changes that we’re exploring this year but the big news is that the anthology is well in the works! We’ve got all of the stories from the last year collected, now they just need to be formatted and put into a file and we need to find artwork for it. The process is in the works but I wouldn’t expect an announcement until next month.

There are *3* resources for authors which we’d like to launch this year as well. However, they will come down to either time donations from a programmer who we have on staff that has less time than I do or the Patreon actually taking off. We’ll see! I hope to be able to get at least one of these going late this year.

It’s a new life

I would like to once again give a HUGE thank you to both Stephanie Ellis and Liz Butcher. We would NOT be able to keep up with either Trembling With Fear or our Interview section without these two amazing women. They are some of the lifeblood of the site in helping keep things running and are absolutely amazing people to work with.

As for growing, we’ve obviously added the above two mentions this last year. Traffic wise, we’re up to a minimum of 1,000 unique hits a day and double that on good days. (Page views are MUCH higher!) Thank you, one and all for continuing to enjoy the site and I hope we can only expand on how we’re helpful to you.

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4 Responses

  1. Thank you, Horror Tree Team, for everything that you do! This site has been a fantastic resource for me!

  2. Glad to hear that we’ve been helping and hope to continue so for quite some time to come!

  3. Arthur Unk says:

    I love the site and you do have a “killer” staff (pun intended).

  4. Don’t say that too loudly! (I think a few of our writers have actually hidden bodies!!) 😉