Here Is How To Find A Book Without Knowing The Title Or Author

How to Find Books Without The Title
Ever have trouble finding a book that you’ve read before? You know what it is about but have no recollection of the title or author? It turns out, the ability to discover this is a little easier than you’d imagine. The above video really covers how to find a book from knowing an activity within it, what the cover looked like, and a variety of other features.

The list of resources explained in the video above are featured here:
Google Book Search:… BookFinder: WorldCat: The Library of Congress, Ask a Librarian:… Amazon book search and Jungle Search:… Ask for help on the internet:…

On top of that, the details were fleshed out in an article over at Make Use Of which you can check out today!

There are a lot of useful tips here. Do you have any others which they didn’t featured you’d like to see us write about? Are any of these new resources you haven’t used before? Let us know in the comments below!

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