Zack Rosenberg Spills The Gold

DarkLit Sails- A Swashbuckling Horror Kickstarter

Zack Rosenberg spills the gold

By Angelique Fawns

Zach Rosenberg is one of the authors in an anthology that promises an exciting journey into uncharted waters. Looking for a read filled with adventure, suspense, and captivating story telling? This pirate anthology is filled with eight standalone tales written by authors of diverse backgrounds and fresh perspectives.


DarkLit Sails isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about empowerment. By supporting our Kickstarter campaign, you’re not only diving into a world of swashbuckling adventure and terrifying encounters, but also championing diversity and inclusivity in literature.”

AF:  What was your inspiration for this project?

ZR: Andrew and I happened to talk just when I was planning on a Jewish dark swords & sorcery and horror project in this case! One of my biggest inspirations was Tim Powers’ “On Stranger Tides,” coupled with the show “Black Sails,” and given my love of writing Jewish horror, it seemed like a natural fit. As well as addressing the lack of Jewish horror and dark fantasy in general!


AF: How did this project choose the authors?

ZR: A number of people were writers Andrew admired or had worked with. I was an exception, as Andrew really set out to choose writers with diverse backgrounds and experiences. He really wanted to see a good example of Jewish horror as representation here!


AF: I love the cover art. Can you tell me more about its conception?  

ZR: That’s the work of the amazing Val Halvorsen! He’s incredible! I love seeing my characters come to life on the cover with the appropriate moods and settings. Something compelling and ominous. I told Val I wanted the lead characters depicted, but also hints of something dark and otherworldly, hence the coils and the spirit’s eyes up above. I think he did an absolutely amazing job!


AF: Can you tell us about your personal writing journey?

ZR: I’ve been writing for myself for some years, but I only started writing seriously to submit these last few years. I’ve had a lot of ideas and really wanted to make them possible. I wanted to increase Jewish representation in Horror and SFF, while also honing craft. I got fortunate enough that an early short story was expanded into a book by the publisher, and since then I’ve had a great deal of fortune with my stories being put out into the world.


AF: Do you have a day job and how does it influence your writing?

ZR: I’m an attorney in the day job. It helps when it comes to legal problems in stories, but mostly I write to escape the court systems!


AF: Any advice for authors wishing to run there own kickstarters?

ZR: Really, I say to connect with the community. It’s a very warm and giving one. Make sure to give back, engage with others and make sure to promote as much as you can. Reach out to folks and uplift others since we’re about community!


AF: What’s next for your writing career?

ZR: I’ve recently sold two more novellas, so look for announcements there soon! I’m currently starting in the querying trenches and writing and submitting more short stories!


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