Epeolatry Book Review: There’s Something Here from Somewhere Else by Jonathon T. Cross


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Title: There’s Something Here from Somewhere Else
Author: Jonathon T. Cross
Genre: Cosmic Horror
Release Date: 8th February, 2024

Synopsis: When 10-year-old Lydia received a mysterious doll on her stoop, she never dreamed it would become the catalyst for a perilous adventure.
Although new to town, and shunned by the locals, she can’t dispel their whispers of an ancient creature dwelling beneath the still waters.
Some dismiss the creature’s existence, while others insist that the very fabric of their town, from its flora to its fauna, is under the influence of the Lurker.
Faced with tragedy, Lydia’s doll becomes a beacon of hope. But who gifted it, and can it protect her from the town’s oldest resident?
As Lydia grapples with the enigma of her doll and the dark forces that surround her, she forms an alliance with Jaxson, a cursed boy whose own destiny is entwined with the town’s secrets.
Together, they embark on a journey to resist the otherworldly influence of the Lurker. Can Lydia and Jaxson defy the odds and unravel the mystery before succumbing to the sinister will of this ancient entity?

There’s nothing like a good coming-of-age story in the horror genre. It seems that every big-name author has one or two. It’s especially fun to come across one in the cosmic horror subgenre. Jonathon T Cross has given readers a gift in There’s Something Here from Somewhere Else. This story will tickle reader’s love of Tim Burton/Roald Dahl’s horrid adults, satisfy their need for new and well-written cosmic horror, and deliver all the twists and turns of a fast-paced thriller.

Lydia is new to town and her parents want absolutely no attention from the locals. But she can’t help that the other kids bully her and the only nice boy, Jaxson, is afraid to associate with anyone, especially an outsider. She has no one and nothing, not ever her own parents, to connect with until a mysterious doll that looks like her appears on her porch.

Cross deals with themes of belonging and what people, both children and adults, will do to find a connection outside themselves, be it another human, or just a doll. Through the story Lydia develops relationships with herself, a friend, and the community around her. Readers will care deeply for the two protagonists of There’s Something Here from Somewhere Else. But, at times the pacing can be a touch too quick leaving the story shorter than it could’ve been. This is no more than a grain against this novella, as I still gave it a 5 out of 5 rating.

Definitely check out this new novella from Jonathon T Cross, There’s Something Here from Somewhere Else. It’s a wonderful new Lovecraftian romp through a swamp-encroached small town with deep-buried secrets haunting the whole population.


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