Epeolatry Book Review: The Neighbors by Alex Witcher


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Title: The Neighbors
Author: Alex Witcher
Publisher: Independent
Genre: Crime Thriller
Release Date: 10th March, 2022

Synopsis: Until the car accident, Ellie and Henry Walker were living the suburban dream. Now the hospital bills are piling up, and domestic bliss is slipping through their fingers.

When the new neighbors move in across the street, they seem friendly—if a little strange. They hear of the Walkers’ financial trouble and offer some odd jobs to Henry. The work is easy, and the pay is shockingly generous.

Soon Ellie joins in, and the odd jobs get even odder.

Are their neighbors as selfless as they seem, or does something sinister lie behind their intentions? As Ellie and Henry get sucked deeper into their strange new work, they become trapped in a web of lies, murder, and dark secrets.

But whose secrets are they?

I don’t read too many thrillers, so this genre is a bit new to me. Still, I enjoyed Alex Witcher’s The Neighbors. A couple suffering through difficult financial times keep suffering worse and worse luck. Henry Walker, a landscaper, had a car accident. The accident was his fault, so, he’s not only out of commission, but also must pay the repairs and hospital bills since he happened to be between insurance policies. And to keep his mother in her decent retirement home, he and his wife Ellie take out a short-term loan. Ellie, an architect, has worked at a firm for the past ten years and hopes to make partner.

New neighbors move in and offer them a deal too good to be true: a couple grand a day for a few chores around the house. Henry and Ellie are suspicious, but know they are not in a position to turn down such an offer. And the story carries on from there.

About half-way through the book, all seemed fairly quiet, if uneasy. Until Ellie reached a point of no return, when things got extremely rough as the story shifted into overdrive, constantly changing my expectations. Each time I thought I knew what was really going on, Alex addressed the theory and blew it out of the water with something completely unexpected and awesome. I loved flying along with Ellie and uncovering clues to the crazy circumstances which threatened to destroy her and Henry’s life.

I highly recommend grabbing a copy of The Neighbors as soon as it comes out.


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