Epeolatry Book Review: Parachute by Holly Rae Garcia


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Title: Parachute, 106 pages

Author: Holly Rae Garcia

Genre: Horror

Publisher: Easton Falls Publishing

Release Date: May 20th, 2022

Synopsis: Angela Rodriguez and her friends aren’t sure what they want out of life now that they’ve graduated high school, but they think there is plenty of time to figure it all out. When a trip to an abandoned elementary school leads to a break-in, they discover an old gym parachute.

Raising the fabric above their heads, the group expects it to balloon out around them like it did when they were younger. But instead, the parachute reveals alternate universes and terrifying worlds.

There’s only one rule…


I’m a sucker for horror stories involving characters coming-of-age or on the cusp of adulthood. Books like Grady Hendrix’s My Best Friend’s Exorcism and Stephen King’s It come to mind. Or even The Ghost Tracks by Celso Hurtado. Bonus points of it’s a whole friend group up to secret shenanigans.

In Holly Rae Garcia’s Parachute we get just that. Recently graduated from high school, Angela and her friends have plans to sneak out for one last hurrah at the abandoned elementary school grounds before either moving on to college, beginning a job, or just planning to get out of town. After passing around a joint they start to reminisce about the joys of elementary gym class. They start to wonder if the old colorful parachute they used to play with is still in the gymnasium’s rotting storage room, and luckily, it happens to be there. Things get wild once they all grab hold, lift the parachute into the air, then sit beneath the slowly collapsing dome of color.

Parachute takes some wild turns, and I’m here for every twist. Be sure to grab your own copy when it comes out in May.


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