Epeolatry Book Review: Evil Whispers By: Owl Goingback


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Title: Evil Whispers
Author: Owl Goingback
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Cemetery Dance Publications
Release Date: June 5th, 2023

Synopsis: Robert and Janet Patterson and their young daughter, Krissy, went looking for the perfect getaway vacation spot. They found it in a backwoods Florida town. Far away from civilization. Quiet and peaceful. And terribly isolated.


Robert and Janet should have listened to the local legends. They should have heeded the warnings about the black water lagoons. And they should have listened to their daughter when she told them about the whispers in the woods. Because now, it’s too late. Krissy’s disappeared, and whatever took their little girl is coming back for more….

An evil shaman back from the dead. A cursed land. A creepy little girl. Gruesome murders. This book is bursting with classic horror tropes. If that isn’t your cup of tea, you may want to look elsewhere, but if you’re more like me and can appreciate a good, “old-fashioned” horror novel, then you’ll enjoy Evil Whispers.


We start off slowly with a couple, Robert and Janet, on vacation in a remote part of Florida with their young daughter, Krissy. At the start of the trip, their only fears are alligators and Krissy getting lost in the woods. And that would have been it if Robert hadn’t strayed too close to the Black Lagoon and disturbed the evil buried there by touching things he shouldn’t.


Living near the Black Lagoon is Jimmy Cypress, a Seminole warrior assigned to protect the area from that evil. He is the book’s most complex character. He is filled with anger over the disrespect he sees, but he is also a noble man who will do the right thing. 


Mutual suspicion and cultural differences keep our main characters from solving the mystery and stopping the resurrected evil until near the end of the story. I enjoyed how, despite their differences, the characters came together over their common goal without it feeling forced. And everyone has a role to play in the climax.

Originally published in 2001, Evil Whispers will soon be re-released in June 2023. This re-release is how I discovered Goingback’s writing. He has been publishing for close to 30 years and I will check out his other works for sure.


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