Horror Tree Update: Welcome August And The Last Full Month Of Summer

Happy August my friends! The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting, and we’ve all got more words to write. This is the last full month of summer, and I genuinely hope that everyone is on top of their writing goals.

I’ll quite quickly own up to the fact that I am behind. I owe a short story and am about 5,000 words behind on the novella I’ve been trying to polish up. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to catch up on that in the next week!

As for Horror Tree, we’re still happily delivering you new markets, news, and tips on a daily basis! I know that I owe you a Trembling With Fear Anthology update though it was pretty much shared in the last installment of TWF! The anthology is for all intents and purposes complete. At some point in the next week, I should be uploading the draft to have a hard copy sent out to Steph and myself.

We’ll be sharing updated on Patreon and here shortly after!

What Is New At The Horror Tree?!

Played around with our mailing list a bit. Updated the extremely old message in it as well as updated our social links at the top of it.

For posts, here is what stood out the last month!
The Importance Of The Author Homepage
How Do I Get An Agent Anyway? Part 2

Book Reviews:
Stories of High Strangeness by: Marc Shapiro
Arithmophia by: Ruschelle Dillon

Guest Post:
Rejection Sucks!

Video Refresh:
Jaidis Shaw Interview.
Story Worms: Finding Stories.
Nina Johnson Interview
Setting Self Doubt on Fire: Learning to Juggle

Finally, we also had 4 new Interviews this month:
Jason Franks
Debra D.L. Robinson
Francesco Dimitri
Monique Snyman.

What Is About To Grow At The Horror Tree?

To start with, one of the “news” announcements from last month withered on the vine. The new reviewer who was signing on had a change of heart and sadly won’t be joining us. Still friends! We just won’t be seeing him contribute to the site.

I’ve got a new way that I’m playing around with to help put together some crowdsourced articles which might be beneficial. We’ve got the first installment of that coming up in the next week or so!

Looking to contribute to The Horror Tree?

We’re always on the lookout for more help at The Horror Tree! Patreon is always a great way to help out.

We also always have a STRONG need for book reviewers!

However, if you’re looking to add your personal touch to things there are other options!
From ongoing contributors to web developers that would be interested in working with us on online applications for authors, to guest blogs, to someone willing to track open markets, to being a stop on your blog tour, and so on. If you are interested please drop us a line through our contact page today!

Have anything you’d like to see us add in the future?

We’re here for you so if you believe there is a service, column, or anything else we could list that you’d want to see please reach out via our contact page!

A Brief Update!

Once again, we’re trying to share how the Horror Tree is growing socially. One of these days I will figure out exactly how to really grow these avenues and if you have any suggestions please be sure to reach out!

  • Horror Tree’s Twitter – Moved from 6685 to 6714 followers. A nice little bump over last months and a little closer to 7000!
  • Horror Tree’s Facebook – 1756 to 1771. Probably the biggest bump in readers on Facebook in a couple months which isn’t saying much. However, engagement has gone up on it as of late!
  • Horror Tree’s Instagram – I’m not sure what happened here but I will absolutely take it, THANK YOU NEW FOLLOWERS! The numbers skyrockteted from 262 to 1031. WHEW!
  • Horror Tree’s Pinterest – From 8 to 11 followers. Honestly, we get a lot of likes to our quotes and shares but not lot of follows or traffic. I’m iffy on how much work I plan on continuing to put into this outlet!
  • Horror Tree’s YouTube gained 4 new subscribers in the past month jumping us from 22 to 24. Right now we still have only the video roundups so far but do have a few ideas of original content to get up there.

As always, I hope we’re helping you out and we’d love to see your comments with any suggestions or thoughts on what we’re doing! Thanks for being a reader!

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