Check This Out: A Free R.L. Stine Program!

R.L. Stine has been called “Stephen King for kids.”  Always looking to interact with his readers this Thanksgiving Stine has given students and instructors a writing program.


For free!

You can check it out at:


In it, Stine gives suggestions ranging from where to get ideas all the way to how to overcome writer’s block.  There is an overview for instructors as well as suggestions for using the course material.  But at the heart of it all is Stine helping writers be writers, especially young ones.

   However when reading through the program, even though it is geared toward grades 3-8, any writer could benefit from doing his exercises.  Some of the activities include finishing a story that Stine has begun, using your memories to create a story, playing what if? for story ideas, how to develop characters for your stories as well as basics such as outlining and revision.

Even though the program is only 17 pages long it packs in a lot of information without being overwhelming.  Reading through the prompts and suggestions the would be writer is never talked down to.  If this doesn’t work then try this or this is Stine’s philosophy.  He gives the reader a tour of his creativity then shows us our own and how to use it.  Stine begins with one of his own journal entries from when he was 10 years old.  He then shows how to edit and rewrite it to be a solid story.  He encourages the reader to take their own journal entries, use the same editing process and turn it into an actual story.  The whole program makes the reader feel as though Stine is right there helping guide you through it all, encouraging you with every word you write.  Stine encourages all writing genres, not just horror.

This program is a fine addition to any teacher’s rubric but it is also an excellent find for anyone who has ever wanted to write.

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