Taking Submissions: Apparition Lit Magazine – October 2018

Deadline: August 31st, 2018
Payment: $0.01 per word, minimum of 10.00

Apparition Lit is open for poetry and short story submissions four times a year.

  • February 15-28
  • May 15-31
  • August 15-31
  • November 15-30

Apparition Lit also holds monthly flash fiction contests. These stories will follow selected themes and be published online.

For more information on themes and submission guidelines, please see the flash fiction drop down below.

Our themes for 2018 will be:

  • Apparition (Published January 2018)
  • Delusion (Published April 2018)
  • Vision (Published July 2018)
  • Diversion (opens for submissions August 15-31, 2018, publishing October 2018)


Apparition is a semi-pro rate magazine, paying $0.01 per word, minimum of 10.00 dollars (excluding flash contest, a flat rate of 5.00 dollars to the winning flash). If we accept your story, we are purchasing the right to publish the story online and in the quarterly edition. Rights will revert back to the artist after one year.



We will only accept stories between 1000-5000 words. If the story is complete with an extra hundred words, then it will still be considered. Any stories over 5,200 words will automatically be rejected.


Apparition is a token-rate magazine, paying $0.01 per word, minimum of 10.00 dollars (excluding flash contest). If we accept your story, we are purchasing the right to publish the story online and in the quarterly edition. Rights will revert back to the artist after one year.


  1. Format the story using the Shunn manuscript
  2. Please only use Times New Roman or Arial font in your document
  3. Save as an RTF file and attach to an email
  4. In the text of the email, provide a brief cover letter that includes your name, the title of the short story, word count, and any relevant publications
  5. Edit the email’s subject line so it reads: SUBMISSION: Title of Your Story
  6. Email your formatted email and short story manuscript to [email protected]
  7. Add Apparition Lit to your Safe Senders list so you can receive our auto-response emails


All acceptances and rejections will be emailed by the 15th day of the following month after submissions close.

If you have not heard back by the 15th, send a query to: [email protected] with the title of your submission. Before emailing, please check your spam folder.

To make sure you receive all emails from Apparition Lit, please add us to your Safe Senders list in your email client.


Apparition Lit is seeking original, unpublished speculative poetry that meet our quarterly theme. These poems must have obvious fantasy or sci-fi elements that make it clear it this isn’t a literary poem that you stuck an ogre into.

We want poetry that is more than just formatting. Send us all types of poetry, including traditional forms.

Writers can include up to five (5) poems per submission.


There is no minimum length.

Each poem must be no longer than 2-pages in length.


We play a flat fee of $10 per poem.


  1. Include each poem as a separate page in a single document.
  2. You may submit up to five (5) poems in one file.
  3. Please only use Times New Roman or Arial font in your document
  4. Save as an RTF file and attach to an email. (Please include the name of one of your poems in the file name, i.e. TheBirds.rtf. This will make it easier for us to find the file as we read.)
  5. In the text of the email, provide a brief cover letter that includes your name, the titles of the poems, how the poems match the theme, and any relevant publications
  6. Edit the email’s subject line so it reads: POETRY SUBMISSION: Titles
  7. Email your poetry to [email protected]
  8. Add Apparition Lit to your Safe Senders list so you can receive our auto-response emails


All poetry acceptances and rejections will be emailed by the 15th day of the following month after submissions close.

If you have not heard back by the 15th, send a query at:[email protected] with the title of your submission. Before emailing, please check your spam folder.

To make sure you receive all emails from Apparition Lit, please add us to your Safe Senders list in your email client.

Apparition Lit is seeking original, unpublished speculative fiction that meet our quarterly theme. Speculative fiction is weird, almost unclassifiable. It’s fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and literary. We want it all. Send us your strange, misshapen stories.

Send us stories with enough emotional heft to break a heart, with prose that’s as clear and delicious as broth. We’re looking for proactive characters and beautiful language, all wrapped up in a complete story.

Diversity is as important in fiction as it is in real life. We want a mosaic of stories, from authors of all identities and walks of life.


While we love dark stories with macabre elements, we will not accept stories with gratuitous and graphic violence or rape. We also will not consider stories that have extreme, purposeless violence toward animals.

We do not publish erotica or thinly-veiled fanfiction.

We do not accept multiple or simultaneous submissions. Please send only one submission per category during each reading period. Apparition Lit wants your best story that meets the current theme. At some point, if your story does not meet the theme, you’re just throwing spaghetti at the wall.

At this time, we do not accept reprints or resubmissions.

Via: Apparition Lit.

Taking Submissions: The Cockroach Conservatory Volume 2

Deadline: September 15th, 2018.
Payment:6 cents a word or $10 per poem

Pitiful humans!

It is time again to open submissions in celebration of our Lord Commander Patagonia! His second volume of holy texts will be titled: Glory of Man: The Rise and Fall of the Reality Soldier.
As always, the naming conventions of our infallible Lord Commander Patagonia enlightens as much as it obfuscates. Allow me, his perfect instrument of perfect judgement, to give some clarifying points.
As you may know, Lord Commander Patagonia was attracted to your puny planet by way of its music. One such song that struck him so was The Minutemen’s Glory of Man.
Themes we are looking for to further entwine the fate of our two planets, Earthagonia and Black Hole Duffel, are:
Fake News
In anticipation of silly questions and to lessen the chances that my Slap of Judgement be administered unto your face, allow me to be clear.
Fake News should make no mention of whatever current political climate your country is facing now. Absorb the themes of your time into fiction but we are not looking for your long winded diatribes about what you believe this way or that way. We are followers of Lord Commander Patagonia and we have no leader before him. Therefore, we care not for the gripes of your world.
You must not have a character named “Reality Soldier.” The Reality Soldier is aboard our very expensive ship and does not take kindly to misrepresentation of his character.
We appreciate weird. We appreciate humorous. We appreciate absurdity. To get an idea of what we publish, take a look at our first volume available on Amazon here. We realize we are a new market and you may not want to shell out the bucks for the first volume. Fine, heathen. Think Joe Lansdale, Kelly Luce, or Etgar Keret. Think R. Crumb or Junji Ito. Or think none of that. We are going to accept what we like. We do not adhere to a strict set of regulations in terms of genre or literature. To get a feel of how we approach things, listen to the Spacecast here.
1. Stories must be in doc or docx format.
2. Include a short bio in the body of the email.
3. No reprints
4. Maximum word count is 3000.
5. We pay 6 cents a word. Payable upon publication.
6. NO SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS. We respond quickly in comparison to other markets.
7. Limit multiple submissions to three.
8. Your email subject line should be SUBMISSION: [YOUR NAME] [TITLE]
9. Submissions open on August 1st, 2018. They close on September 15, 2018.
1. We pay a flat rate of $10 per poem
2. Include a short bio in the body of the email
3. No reprints
4. No e.e. cummings formatting.
6. Send up to five poems.
7. Your email subject line should be POETRY: [YOUR NAME]
8. Submissions open on August 1st, 2018. They close on September 15, 2018.
Submissions open on August 1st, 2018. They close on September 15, 2018.
Email all submissions to [email protected]

Via: The Cockroad Conservatory.

Ongoing Submissions: Quatrain.Fish

Payment: $1 (twenty-five cents a line)

Long Guidelines for Short Poetry

Very short poetry is often treated like very long poetry—as if only cocksure geniuses are allowed to present it to the public so don’t you dare waste our time. Bollocks, we say. An excellent short poem is the purest poetic joy. So: we’re on the hunt.

The rules for Quatrain.Fish are simple: All poems are of four lines or fewer.

One is good. Two is good. Three is good. Four is good. Five is right out. Try Cinquain.Fish.

(Please don’t, say, rewrite a seven-line poem to make it three. Poems are at their best in their native shape. Respect your poem’s shape. Form, as you know, means shape.)

Submit your work as a standard document file or as part of your email, but keep in mind two things—we post screenshots of poems. Which means how it appears on our screen is how how it will appear on the site. So make sure it looks how you want it to look. Corollary: If you use a wacky font, we may reject your very good poem. We don’t want Quatrain.Fish to look like a seventh-grader searching for identity.

(If you want to send instead an image file of your poem, we may just use that instead of a screenshot. We’re more agreeable to handwritten text than Curlz, but keep your personality in check regardless.)

We’ve chosen this screenshot format/method in part because we hope your work will be picked up and shared across the web. BECAUSE OF THIS please put your name in a visible location that it may be part of the posted image. You don’t have to of course, and we’re happy to just put your name below the image, but it will eventually disappear should your poem go viral and start appearing all over the place.

Quatrain.Fish is a paying publisher. And for our one measly dollar (twenty-five cents a line!), we’re buying neverending nonexclusive web rights.

Note that in months future we may occasionally repost a poem we’ve published in the past. We do not consider this a second publication and thus do not pay a second time when reposting. Our assumption when you submit is that you have no problem with this, all the Internet being one great round.

We have nothing against previously published work, but please don’t send scans or screenshots of your poem as part of that previous publication. Do alert us of that previous publication upon submission though. And note that if your poem is already easily accessible online, we may well choose an equally good not-on-the-web poem over yours.


Agented submissions are fine but hardly necessary.

Although we don’t have specific guidelines as to how many works you can submit at one time, if you can’t tell what your best work is, we probably don’t care.

As personal as writing poetry is, selecting poetry for publication is just as personal. We make no excuses for making decisions that might seem at times to be petulant or inconsistent.

Similarly, liking or disliking a poem is very much about the poem and not a perception of, for instance, its politics or genre or author’s peccadilloes. Poems are considered on their own merits and no assumption of the editor’s opinions on anything else should be made on the basis of acceptance or rejection.

We are of unimpressed ambivalence regarding the use of so-called bad language, but without sound poetic reasons for fuck, you’re better off without it. Taking the muffler off your Camaro doesn’t make us think you’re cooler. The same can be said of sesquipedalia.

We have no preferences for “form” beyond the four-line limit. Rhyme, meter, neither—all fine. Just make it good.

Remember: short doesn’t equal simple (though simple can be one of its delights) and short isn’t stupid (unless charmingly so).

We’re not opposed to poems that are essentially punchlines but do not anticipate publishing many of them. So yours should be exceptional.

Haiku is a lovely form, and we expect plenty of haiku submissions, but if we’re overwhelmed with haiku we’ll slap a quota on them faster than you can say refrigerator. Besides, the world’s already filled with haiku, both good and badbadbad.

So! Whether your poem occurred in a moment of inspiration or after hours of labor, impress us, surprise us, enlighten us, amaze us, calm us down.

(On titles: poems that require titles should have titles. Poems are neither accepted nor rejected on the basis of a title’s existence or nonexistence. Titles do not count toward line-count, but beware abuse of this fact.)

Look: Even more than other poesy, the challenge of short poetry is the reader either gets it or does not get it. The poem has no extra space to make its defense. So take a breath, submit your work, and surrender to hope.



We only make payments through PayPal. We’ll assume that the email you used to contact us is where you want your $1 sent; if that isn’t the case, tell us so in the original email. (We can’t keep track of multiple items of correspondence.) You may also, should the philanthropic urge strike you, donate your $1 back to the kitty. (Just throw that fact in the ol’ original email.) In order to keep our books clean, if you don’t claim your $1 within six weeks, we reserve the right to cancel the payment.

Isn’t it awful how money complicates things? The important thing, I suppose, is that we all read this page and go along with what it says, even if begrudgingly.



We are open to occasionally publishing scans of simple doodles. We do not, however, pay for art submissions.

It’s too soon to say, but we imagine we will prefer black-and-white work.



All submissions should be sent to our editor at [due to ongoing technical difficulties, send submissions to [email protected]].

Via: Quatrain.Fish.

Taking Submissions: Liminality Poetry Magazine

Deadline: August 31st, 2018
Payment: $10

In anthropological terms, liminality is the midpoint of a ritual: the threshold where a person is no longer quite who they were, not yet who they might become. In between masks, what face might you have? What might you be in transit? Where will you go? Everything is possible in that moment; change is its own goal. Liminality is the space between.

Liminality is an online quarterly magazine of speculative poetry edited by Shira Lipkin and Mattie Joiner. We are very pleased to meet you. We’re looking for speculative literary poems that touch the heart as much as the head; poems of the liminal, the fluid, and the fantastic. We’d love to see work that shifts shape, refuses to be to be easily pinned down or categorised. We actively welcome diversity; we want to hear new as well as established voices. Tell us tales we thought we knew, the way only you can tell them. Give us new myths.

Liminality pays $10 per poem, for first worldwide publication rights and non-exclusive anthology rights.

We are currently open to submissions. 

We will be open:
April 1 – May 31
July 1 – August 31
October 1 – November 30

To submit, send up to three poems to liminalitypoetry AT gmail.com with the subject line “SUBMISSION – [your name]”. Please include your poems in the body of the e-mail; if you have formatting that makes that untenable, you may attach the poem as an .rtf. You may send up to five poems per reading period. We do not accept reprints or simultaneous submissions. (If the poem has been publicly viewable online, yes, it would be a reprint.)  “Dear Editors”, “Dear Mattie and Shira”, and “Dear Shira and Mattie” are all fine as forms of address.

Via: Liminality.

Taking Submissions: Eye To The Telescope #30: Witches

Deadline: September 15th, 2018
Payment: US 3¢/word rounded to nearest dollar; minimum US $3, maximum $25.

Eye to the Telescope 30, Witches, will be edited by Ashley Dioses.

A witch is defined as someone who is said to possess usually malignant supernatural powers. Since speculative fiction covers fantasy and science fiction as well as horror, we’re going to focus on ‘usually’ in that definition. I want any take on witches with any gender. Horrific witches, saintly witches, pretty witches, ugly witches, witches from different planets, witches from different dimensions, historical witches with a speculative spin. I want witches performing rituals, witches celebrating the sabbats, witches casting spells or curses. I know sorceresses, conjurers, enchantresses are similar but they are not the same. I prefer traditional formal and metrical verse done well. Prose poetry is fine. For free verse, enchant me with imagery and beautiful language. That doesn’t mean archaic language (though a little is fine). Think of Edgar Allan Poe, Clark Ashton Smith, George Sterling, David Park Barnitz, Charles Baudelaire.

Submission Guidelines


  • Please submit 1–3 poems in English (in body of e-mail, or attached as .doc, .docx, or .rtf).
  • Please send submissions to [email protected] with the subject line “ETTT sub:” followed by the poet’s name.
  • Include a short bio.
  • Deadline: September 15. The issue will appear on October 15, 2018.

Payment and rights

  • Accepted poems will be paid for at the following rate: US 3¢/word rounded to nearest dollar; minimum US $3, maximum $25. Payment is on publication.
  • The Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association normally uses PayPal to pay poets, but can also send checks.
  • Eye to the Telescope is an online publication. Therefore, First Electronic Rights (for original unpublished poems) are being sought.

Who can submit?

Anyone writing speculative poetry.

What is Speculative Poetry?

Speculative poetry is poetry which falls within the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural horror, plus some related genres such as magic realism, metafiction, and fabulation. It is not easy to give precise definitions, partly because many of these genres are framed in term of fiction rather than poetry.

A good starting point is “About Science Fiction Poetry” by Suzette Haden Elgin, the founder of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. Despite its title, this article is applicable all forms of speculative poetry.

Tim Jones, editor of Issue 2, had a go at defining science fiction poetry on his blog, in two parts (These blog posts date from 2009, and the Voyagersanthology has since been published. These posts do refer specifically to science fiction poetry, rather than the broader field of speculative poetry.):



What Is the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association (SFPA)?

As the SFPA says on its website at sfpoetry.com, “The Science Fiction Poetry Association was founded in 1978 to bring together poets and readers interested in science fiction poetry. What is sf poetry? You know what they say about definitions—everybody has one. To be sure, it is poetry (we’ll leave that definition to you), but it’s poetry with some element of speculation—usually science fiction, fantasy, or horror. Some folks include surrealism, some straight science.”

See the SFPA site for lots more information—and please consider joining.

Via: Eye to the Telescope.

Taking Submissions: Winter Solstice

Deadline: October 31st, 2018
Payment: $15

In our stories, we crave the wild, weird, wonderful, and witty. Make us laugh, make us cry, surprise and shock us. Make us feel something. After all, isn’t that what writing is for?

We are currently accepting submissions for our debut online literary magazine, Winter Solstice, which will be published on December 21, 2018.

Submissions will close on Hallow’s Eve – October 31, 2018

Our next reading period will run from January 5, 2019 to May 18, 2019 for Summer Solstice, Volume 1 exclusively featuring writers between the ages of 13-20.

We pay $15 per piece, and we buy first North American serial rights. Payments are made through PayPal on the date of publication. All rights revert to the author upon publication.

Pieces and bios accepted for publication will be edited for any grammatical errors.

We do not charge submission fees.

Multiple submissions are allowed, but they must be in different genres. For example, you may not submit two fiction pieces, but you may submit a piece of fiction and a poem. If you are submitting more than one piece, please send each document in separate emails. Details for genres are listed below.

We allow simultaneous submissions. Please inform us if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

Work must be your own and not previously published, including on personal blogs.


Email all submissions to [email protected] in docx format. For visual art and cartoon submissions, send in jpeg, jpg, png, or pdf.

Put your name, title of piece, and category in the email subject line. Submissions will be read blindly, so please make sure your name does not appear anywhere on the document.

Include your short bio and PayPal email address in the body of the email.

We do not accept mailed submissions.

We will do our best to respond within 90 days.


Young Adult & Fiction
Submit one short story, maximum of 6,000 words or three flash fiction pieces in separate documents. We accept literary and genre fiction, including fantasy, horror, sci-fi, mystery, etc. We do not accept erotica, fan fiction, or novel excerpts (unless the excerpt reads as a complete story).

Submit a maximum of three poems in separate documents.

Creative Nonfiction
Submit one creative nonfiction piece, maximum of 5,000 words. No academic essays, book reviews, or interviews, please.

Visual Art & Cartoons
Submit one visual art piece or up to ten cartoons as separate documents in jpeg, jpg, png, or pdf. No pornographic or gory images.

Via: Wolfpack Press.

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