Brain Babies: HAVE YOU EVER… Horror Writer Edition

HAVE YOU EVER… Horror Writer Edition

  1. Killed a character just for kicks?
  2. Cringed at something you wrote?
  3. Wanted to puke at something you wrote?
  4. Watched as your character just starting doing unspeakably horrible things to someone else and just kept typing/scribbling like, “I’m not responsible for this!”
  5. Decorated your house with horror paraphernalia, even if it’s nowhere near Halloween?
  6. Imagined someone you don’t like getting eviscerated?
  7. Written someone you don’t like getting eviscerated?
  8. Killed a friend in a story?
  9. Told your friend you were doing it?
  10. Named a character after another horror writer?
  11. Killed that person in the most heinous way possible?
  12. Written something you absolutely know is too nasty to sell?
  13. Sold it anyway?
  14. Written something so nasty you’re afraid to submit it for fear of what people will think?
  15. Submitted it anyway?
  16. Gleefully described something hideous you did to a character in conversation?
  17. Apologized for it?
  18. Actually scared yourself, at least a little?
  19. Had someone tell you that you should be ashamed of yourself?
  20. Grinned at them when they did?
  21. Defended the genre?
  22. Been in a morgue?
  23. Been in a coffin?
  24. Been inside a mausoleum?
  25. Seen a human corpse?

If you answered “yes” to 1-5 of these, you’re probably a nice, normal person who happens to write some disturbing things.

If you answered “yes” to up to 10 of these, you are probably taking this whole “horror” persona a little too seriously. It might be time for a vacation. Take a long drive. Spend some time in a remote location with a dangerously bipolar nurse.

If you answered “yes” to up to 15, you may have a real problem. There might actually be malevolent imps controlling your brain. There’s a small possibility you are destined for real-world evil.

If you answered almost or all of them “yes” you are a terrifying nutjob and people should run screaming from you on sight. The world should tremble at your very existence. You are doom personified.

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