Apex Book Company Launches New Imprint: Violet Lichen Books

Apex Book Company has some thrilling news to share with the world. They are proud to introduce Violet Lichen Books, their new imprint, which will be steered by the talented Editor-in-Chief, Marissa van Uden.

Picture this: a world where every corner hides a mystery, and each page you turn takes you deeper into the unknown. That’s the essence of Violet Lichen Books. This new imprint is dedicated to novella-length horror and dark fiction, with a special focus on genres like New Weird, Weird, folk horror, eco-horror, and eco-science fiction. If it’s strange, unsettling, and lingers in your mind long after you’ve closed the book, Violet Lichen Books is where it belongs.

Marissa van Uden isn’t your typical editor. Hailing from New Zealand and now enjoying her dream life in a cozy cabin in the Vermont woods, Marissa brings over fifteen years of editorial experience to this exciting venture. She has edited countless manuscripts, with an unwavering eye for detail and a deep love for atmospheric, thought-provoking fiction. Her mission is to bring stories to life in ways that resonate and leave a lasting impact on readers.

Marissa shared her excitement with us:

“Apex Book Company and Magazine has been growing and evolving in recent years, and I’m so excited to be heading its first imprint. My goal is to work in close partnership with authors to publish beautiful, strange and disquieting books with strong themes and memorable characters. I adore all kinds of Weird horror, but New Weird and eco-fiction are the subgenres closest to my heart. I love the strange, complicated, and often outsider characters, the drive to subvert old tropes and confront outdated conventions, and the way the settings take on a life of their own. > > Ultimately, I’m looking for authors who have a distinctive perspective and a strong personal attachment to their story, and for novellas that will leave readers unsettled, disquieted, and a little changed. > > I’m very proud and lucky to be working with this team of genuinely enthusiastic and caring people at Apex, and with equally enthusiastic partners at Diamond Books Distributors. Apex has a reputation for publishing high-quality fiction by a diverse range of voices, and I’m really looking forward to continuing that tradition.”

This initiative isn’t just about books—it’s about crafting experiences that resonate. Apex Book Company has a stellar reputation, having published titles like “Plague Birds” by Jason Sanford, “Danged Black Thing” by Eugen Bacon, and “Rosewater” by Tade Thompson. Their past is filled with remarkable achievements, and with Violet Lichen Books, they are looking toward a future filled with even more brilliant, weird fiction.

Apex Book Company aims to collaborate with authors who pour their hearts into their writing, weaving elements of the natural world into tales of horror and wonder, challenging conventions, and expanding horizons.

Violet Lichen Books will open for queries from July 1 to July 14. Authors interested in submitting their work should join the newsletter at Violet Lichen for updates. They seek novellas between 20,000 and 40,000 words, offering industry-standard advances and royalties, with a response time of approximately 12 weeks.

They are not just looking for stories—they are seeking the extraordinary. No slashers, no shock for shock’s sake. They want the Weird, the unsettling, the kind of fiction that leaves readers transformed.

Visit Violet Lichen Books to learn more and get involved. Let’s create something weird and wonderful together.

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