Belinda Is Sharing Her Favorite Markets For The First Week Of October, 2022!

Hello to all of our #author and #writer friends!

This last week we belatedly released our Trembling With Fear Summer Special for 2022 that you can read here if you’re in need of some extra fiction to read!

Also, to our UK readers, we are currently running a giveaway with two copies of Leech by Hiron Ennis to enjoy!

Okay, announcements are out of the way, and we’ve got some solid choices once again for you to check out and submit your work to, including one that is directly related to the Halloween season!

So if you’re ready to click over and check out any of the open calls that Belinda has featured this week, you can jump directly to them in any of the links below!

Horror Tree's Weekly Paying Markets For Authors Roundup For The Week Ending October 7th, 2022!

Dark Dragon Publishing’s Dreaming The God

Matter Press: Journal of Compressed Creative Arts 2022 Fall Window

Tales from a Moonlit Path Halloween 2022 Issue

Rebellion Lit’s The Start

Thank you for joining us, as always!

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Thanks for joining us all!
– Belinda and the Horror Tree Staff

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