2 New Features


Hey all!

I would just like to take a moment to announce 2 new features that we’ll be adding to Horror Tree going forward for the readers of the site.

The first of which is a ‘Non-Anthology Announcements’. I’ve gotten plenty of e-mails from presses that are opening submission windows for taking novels, novellas, novelettes, etc. Going forward when I see these come in they will be posted to this section for your perusal. I would like to make it clear that unlike the anthology sections which have stated deadlines many of these may remain on the site even after they are closed to the public unless their initial call specifically states when they will be closed to submissions.

The second feature I am going to be slowly adding going forward (and possibly into already existing markets though my time is a bit limited at the moment) is a ‘Reprints’ section. On open anthologies that allow reprints I will try to clearly spell that out on the submission itself as well as have a section where these can be viewed. This should make it easier for those of you shopping around for markets that allow reprints.

Hope those are both something that will prove to be useful!
Thanks for stopping by and keep on writing!
Stuart Conover

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