What’s Growing At The Horror Tree In August?

Hello, Everyone!

I was doing a great job at the monthly updates there for awhile and they kind of fell along the wayside. July was a big month for everything happening in the background at Horror Tree so I wanted to give you a quick update as to what was going on and some changes that are happening. It all looks to be for the best so I hope you enjoy!

Stuart Conover


Wow. Where to begin. First off, Liz Butcher who has been a rockstar at interviews is taking on the role as Interview Coordinator! We’ve got a few names joining the team to help out there with our ultimate goal of doing 4+ Interviews a month.

Stats! On the Twitter front, we’ve broken 5900 followers! Facebook, we’re still lagging FAR behind that.

As always, we’re constantly on the lookout for people interested in helping with the site. If you’re interested in helping – please reach out!

Big news for fans of Trembling With Fear! Stephanie Ellis has signed on to try out as a co-editor and has been not only helping streamline the process but has already been reaching out to many of the authors who were waiting for responses! (Thanks, Stephanie!) This is the first step towards some ideas I have for growing the section!

You may have noticed on Twitter or Facebook but we’ve increased a push on promoting our posts in general with snippets and more! We’re actively trying to get the word out for your work!

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